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As you know we are adding new data and new caliber information every week. We've released a very comprehensive review of electronic powder dispensers. And on 3/31 we'll release a great interview with pending 600-yard world-record holder James Phillips. We're working on a big review of QuickLoad Reloading software plus a PPC info page that will cover 6PPC, 22PPC, and 20PPC.

A big thank-you to all the visitors to, and to the many folks who have helped out with our articles and Photos. As our traffic continues to grow we will be able to offer more special promotions for our readers, like the big Bullet Discount Sale in the fall.

Contributor List: Jason Baney, Jim Borden, John Brewer, Mike Bryant, Jim Carstensen, Henry Childs (HBC), Bob Crone, Dantec, Jim DeKort, Joe Entrekin, Flatlander, Froggy, Dave Kiff, Lowlight, Larry Medler, James Mock, DMoran, Tim North, Al Nyhus, James Phillips, Danny Reever, Randy Robinett, Mark Schronce, Richard Schatz, Bob Scoville, Bill Shehane, John Siebel, David Tubb and all the Gun of the Week folks. (And others we may have missed). Special Thanks to our contest sponsors, Hodgdon, Lapua (Kaltron Pettibone), Broughton Barrels, Krieger, Sierra, and Mike Wilkerson, and our target designer, Pascal.

[u]TOP TEN Articles[/b] now has over 500 pages of content and 100 articles online. To help you folks focus in on some of the best content, we've created a new TOP 10 page, featuring the articles you guys have liked the most.

The new page showcases ten of the most popular interviews, technical articles, and rifle profiles. It's an easy way to find the "cream of the crop" among the abundant content we have on the site.

For newcomers to the site, the TOP 10 page reprises some of the best "headline" stories from the home page in the past that you may have missed. Check it out:

Top 10 Most Popular Articles

New Content will be rotated into the TOP 10 page on a regular basis. And we'll put the most important new test articles there. We have a comparison test of electronic powder dispensers under way right now, for example. Look for that at the end of the month.
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WELL DONE!!!!! Just get bigger and take over microsoft.. ok Im dreaming now!
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In order to keep up with the demand for new content, we are soliciting writers and testers. Our Gun of the Week stories have expanded considerably (the latest is 5000 words) and this takes a huge amount of labor every week.

Your moderator is currently putting in about 30 hours a week on the site, and the work load is rising, as we explore new calibers and undertake major projects like the Powder Dispenser test.

We are hoping to find five or six guys who might be willing to contribute an article three or four times a year, or who could help generate data for our comparison tests. If you're interested, contact
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hey i'll test anything with a trigger
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I gave a tiny amount of money [compared to how much I like this site].

The process was easy, just taking a few clicks.
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I have donated twice and will continue to do so. I have received so much information it is priceless.
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I donated again today. More members should give a little more often if they can. All the great information is worth every penny!!!!!!
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Yes, I only donated ONCE, but this is perhaps the LAST bastion of honesty regarding reloading and American firepower. THR Gun Forum is more bogus than AmmoGuide regarding real reloading results, and American superiority regarding REAL Firepower. AmmoGuide deleted all my submitted loads, and made me non-existent after 2045 forum entries. Talk about conspiracies! RealGuns format actually exhibits REAL world loads. So many weak-kneeded loads permiate the Internet that it's nearly a crime. I have just begun handloading and using Nosler E-Tip non-leaded fare. What does the "E" stand for? Possibly "Enough" political pressure? I tell it like it is, because I won't lie regarding my favorite hobby. I never enter a recommended load unless I've fired a boat-load FIRST. I encounter many loosers along the way, yet I never recommend ANY of those. Accuracy precludes POWER, yet often those two factors ride hand-in-hand. If I say a given load works for me, it truly does! I shoot often and many rounds. The 90 grain .243 Nosler "E" bullet will be put the test. I shall describe the results. Currently, I feel the 100 grain Speer Grand Slam is KING, yet the 100 grain Nosler Partition remains super. My 90 grain Swift Scirocco IIs seem peerless at 300 yards. What a super-game of King-of-the-Hlll BULLETS! 90 grain versus 100 grain, in .243 verocity only velocity makes the big difference. cliffy
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