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I want all you guys to read the interview with Jerry Tierney. Yep it's long, maybe too long, but I couldn't resist the opportunity to pass on the amazing store of knowledge that this guy has. He is really a wizard, someone who can jump from one discipline to another and compete with the best of them.


Get this guy started on wind-reading and it's like talking to Einstein about physics, or Michael Jordan about basketball. Within a few seconds you realize that EVERYTHING you think you know is just the tip of the iceberg.

I want to really thank Jerry for taking the time to work on this project. Believe it or not he even answered a couple of questions I had while he was in the middle of his sighter string during the Nationals. He was THAT much in control of the situation.

You'll also find that he has some controversial views on certain subjects--such as barrel cleaning. But how can you argue with success? The weekend following the Nationals (where he took home about half the total awards), he went to the CA Long-Range Champs and won the 600-yard segment, then finished second by just one point in the overall. And this was shooting prone with sling! How many of the BR crowd could do that? Very few I bet.

Anyway, enjoy the read. And if there are any errors, they are certainly mine, not Jerry's.

I also wanted to thank Berger Bullets for sponsoring the article. They were very positive about the article from the get-go. Hopefully other companies can follow their lead to help us deliver big stories like this one.
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The interview with Jerry was indeed a "must read". In fact, it's one of the most informative pieces on long range shooting I've read in several years. Kudos to our moderator for all the work and to Jerry for being so gracious with his time and information. There's a lot of food for thought in there, far beyond the usual dry recitation of rifle parts and load data.

Well done!
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I got up to let my dog out at around 3 AM, saw the article and didn`t get back in bed till after 4. I was glued to the screen, just one question though, the 6mm improved was never named, it looks to be a Dasher, but I may be wrong. I`d like to hear the answer to that. Marvelous guy and very talented for sure, Tim.
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Jerry always refers to it as a 6BR Improved. He uses a reamer that was based on Grant Ubls' specs. However, the 6BR UBL is a .274" neck acc. to Flatlander. But Jerry's measured fired brass is .2715" after springback, so I think Jerry's chamber neck diam. is no more than .273".

Basically, consider it a no-turn neck Dasher.
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It sure looked like a Dasher, thank you for the answer.
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