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        Warren County Rifle Club, in partnership with The Blue and The Gray, held concurrent TN/AL State F Class Championships this weekend, September 5/6, 2009. We had a combined total of 32 shooter day one and 31 shooters day 2. In that group were three junior shooters, one of which was new to long range highpower shooting and another broke a standing record. I will cover the Tennessee side of things, and touch on a couple highlights from Alabama as well.
        Weather both days was great, with the exception of a 20 minute rain delay before we could finish match one. The remainder of the weekend saw fair skies with light and variable wind and plenty of mirage. We used a four relay rotation and flipped the shooting order day two so everyone had an opportunity to shoot early and late day matches.
        Day one saw four national records fall. Frank Beckmann, of TN, broke the previous Grand Senior F-Open record of 197-7x with a 197-11x. Emil Kovan, of AL, broke the F-Open Service record of 196-7x with his “best of match” 200-7x. Emil was the 2008 TN State Champion but has moved to AL as he’s now stationed at Ft. Benning and could bear to live in Georgia! Laura Perry, of AL, broke the Woman F TR record of 189 with a 193-6x. Laura shot four matches this weekend that were 190+ scores. Alabama’s own Mason Parker broke the Junior F TR record of 184-3x with his 191-6x.
        Day two conditions were not so favorable. Conditions appeared to be the same but quickly shifting winds and let-offs kept the remaining records safe. In the end, Jeff Traylor was the match winner this weekend with a total aggregate of 980-39x. I believe this is the third time Jeff has won this match. The 2009 TN F Class Champion is Frank Beckmann, who ended the weekend with a 972-24x. I think this is Frank’s second time as State Champion. Emil Kovan was the Alabama state champion with a 974-21x. Matt Owen of AR was high Open shooter with a 968-35x. High F TR was Dale Carpenter, who posted a 929-8x. On the Alabama side, Laura Perry’s aggregate was an amazing 940-19x! Howard Pitts is the high TN resident F TR shooter with a 903-6x. Charlie Crawley was TN’s high junior shooter with an 877-10x. Tim “Grumpy” Kreier won the NRA prone match with his iron sighted 6.5x284.
        I’d like to thank all the competitors who came out and made this another successful match. I’d also like to thank Steve Parker of B&G for co-sponsoring the match and helping out with the line and statistical duties. I’d like to thank Matt Kubic for running a tight pit this weekend, as well as doing the road guard set-up, setting up the range flags and pits, and supervising range clean-up afterwards! Thank you to Tracy and Halie Pitts for pulling road guard duty both days, and to Howard Pitts for talking them into it. Last, but not least, thanks to the Tennessee National Guard for having the range in great shape and manning the range this holiday weekend so we could shoot.
        I am not aware of any more long range dates for 2009, but that’s not to say we won’t get another club match in before the year is over. Keep an eye on your email and the shooting forums, as I’ll let everyone know if we get a date. Also, don’t forget ORSA is hosting the State Long Range Championship next weekend in Oak Ridge, TN. MSSA is also hosting the TN Mid-Range Championship Nov 7/8th in Memphis. If you need contact info/programs for either of these matches please email me and I’ll put you in touch with the match director. Until the next time I see you on the firing line,

All X’s and 10’s,

Chris Hayes


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