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Today is Sept.11. I don't know about all of you but I remember that day like it was yesterday. I was at work when the news came on saying The World Trade center had been hit. I know that alot of folks could care less anymore but I know that alot of us still do. And I believe that it is up to us to remind people of that day. Now don't get me wrong I'm not talking about the bad things that came out of that day, I'm talking about the possitive things, like people not being ashamed to fly The American flag,like people trying to be kinder and gentler to each other, and things like being proud of our Country and the men and women who serve it.
I know many of you have served and have friends and family who serve in the military. So lets even if for one day make them proud. Lets go out of our way to make our country great.Lets be kind to others, Lets not talk bad about our president<even if he isn't who you wanted in the White house>. And most of all lets pray for them and their families while they are deployed>
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Just before I logged on this morning, my wife and I were talking about it. We lived in the city, and she still does drive from our beautiful place 170 miles north of the city into the city to work 4 days a week (she always takes 9/11 off now)and in fact I worked at 7 World Trade and was witness to the event. I was just thinking yesterday about the whole scene, and these brave people running into the heart of that, and not away from it. I have wondered if they thought of their loved ones as they ran into that huge inferno? I wondered about the people I saw falling and thought about their loved ones, and that I just shared their final moment as they were falling. I know I never will forget those heros. They must have known that the chances of coming out of these buildings were slim, and they went in and did their duty to save others.

You are right, let's remember we are the luckiest people on earth, We Are Americans.
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