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I have been to a couple of benchrest matches, even shot in one with a borrowed gun. Was ready to jump in even though I have misgivings about some aspects of the sport. But, have recognized this is no sport for someone as new as I am to so many things. Doing precision reloading for a new person who has not done any reloading is too much of a jump. Maybe later.

Thanks for the recommendation on the tool. I presume you are talking about this trimmer.

- Phil
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The Giraud and Gracey trimmers work great but are pricey.Giraud even makes cutters so the Gracey tool works better but they are used most often by guys who varmint hunt or reload bulk amounts of ammunition.
I compare it to your $3 toothbrush and your dentists $3400 drill.Yes they will both shine your teeth but $3400 buys alot of those little brushes.
The Wilson tool is where I'd spend my money as well.
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i love my wilson trimmer. i would go with that. yeah it takes more time using the hand crank wilson, but i'm never in a hurry when im handloading, and besides, i can watch tv or something else while doing it.
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I am new at reloading as well. I have been reloading for 6br, 221fb, 223, 17fb, 22-250 and 22h for about a year and a half. I am very much an amateur. I learned from a lot of people over at RFC and reading hear and some books and the internet. As far as case trimming, I have the Wilson Sinclair as well and just about every other item in the sinclair catalogue. The only brass that I trimmed new was the lapua 6br. Not knowing, I did not trim any other new brass prior to shooing. I shoot mostly coopers and my groups are very good, 5 shots at 100 yards. Most brass is manufactured to lenght less than spec. Unless you want the edge nice and even, i did not see the need. I did champher and deburr all new brass. Just how many rounds do you think you will shoot anyway. In a 4 hour session at the range, I'm lucky if I shoot 100 rounds. The one item that I am considering is the sinclair power center. With the proper attachments I can deburr champher, trim necks, clean primer holes and brush inside of neck. Case trimming goes pretty quick with the wilson trimmer. I have only full sized some 221 fb brass for the first time after 4 reloads. Again, like I said, I am by no means an expert and its a constant learning process. But the one thing I do is buy the best right from the start. Spend your money on a good scale and powder thrower>
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I just bought a Hornady Case Prep Station. The case trimmer is cumbersome at best. The deburring is adequate but the primer pocket cleaner is to die for.

Nat Lambeth
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