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I just fired a few rounds at one of the turkey targets and did pretty good till I got to the "easy" part and droped 3 pts. on the turkey,,, 87 any good or should I just save the stamp and try again???!!! Roger
I used the following''
6mm br
Rem xp-100 action
Hart bbl (14-twist)
Lapua cases
Berger 62gr
54 cliks N530
Fed. 205
- - -
If that's at 100 yards (as prescribed), I'd say that's darn good shooting. Some folks were complaining the little standing Turkey silhouettes were too small (.3" body mass). Not for a 6BR it looks like...

Expiper, looks like we may have to make the next contest a little harder. But my guess, at this point, is that an 87 would get you into the top 20 for the lottery. We'll have to see as the entries come in though. The group size on the Turkey will be the tie-breaker if we have more than 20 who would qualify on raw score alone.

Here's a target we're considering for an upcoming contest--the first-ever Atomic Postal Match. 1/4" electrons, and 1/2" protons and neutrons. 5 points per electron and protons. You lose 5 points if you hit the green neutrons.

What do you think?
- - -
Brian Rybicky

To get in the prizes i think its going to take a 90 with a group in the very low .1s maybe even high zeros. but then again i might be wrong. the target you have posted looks like a good one.
- - -
1000yd Editor

Bryan--dont kid yourself. ***this is not directed at anyone, just an observation***

people shoot much better with their keyboards--i see it in my postal match on

Trust me, send the target in, even if you think it's a stinker!
- - -

Well, I think the proof will be in the pudding. With this shoot being advertised over on as offering a free barrel, I can guarantee you there are guys and guns over there that can shoot perfect scores on this target at 100 yards. My bet is don't plan on making Top 20 with anything less than a custom rifle and some wind flags.

Even so, I'm planning to give it a try this weekend with my factory Ruger just for fun.
- - -
1000yd Editor

ReedG--i have a feeling that if most of those guys shoot less than absolutely perfect, that it wont be sent in. Again, your chances may be better than you think


MODERATOR's NOTE: JB speaks the truth. For every 100 guys who say they'll shoot the target, maybe 20 actually do. And maybe half of those are satisfied with the results. And then half of those remember to mail in the target.

SO--Compete, have fun, submit your entry!!

Remember, all of the contestants with the Best 20 targets have an equal chance at the Krieger Barrel and Hodgdon Powder.
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