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I have been talking to a gunsmith in my area and got to talking to him about doing some things to my 22-250. Well it isn't as accurate as I want it to be so I am thinking rebarrel, true the bolt, lighten trigger, and bed the gun. My question is what twist rate would you go with for a gun designed for varmints/coyotes etc to shoot out to around 500 yards maybe 600. It has a 1:14 but I have been thinking about a 1:12.
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I would do a 6BR 14 or 12 tw shoot a 65 to 75 gr bullet. Mine works well past 600yds. If you want more power than that, 243AI 8 tw to shoot up a 105gr.

Mark Schronce
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Go 1/8 or 1/9 twist and shoot those heavy bullets.
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This one is staying .22-250. I will be building a 6br, but that is a fall project. As far as heavy bullets, the heaviest I have found for the 250 are 64 gr. I will be using a hart barrel and I am going to get it fluted(personal preference).
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Took my gun to the gunsmith today, he is going to bed it, play with the trigger, and check the bore on mine to see if I am in need of a new barrel. If so, he is going to true my action and get me where I want to be.
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YOu shuold be able to shoot bullets in the 40-55 grain range. I don't know if a 14 twist will stabilize the 60 grain pills or not.. I have a standard 22-250 and an 8 twist 22-250.. They work very well... but 5-600 yards???
Like Mark S states, a 6 BR or a 243AI or a 6mm will work for the ranges you are indicating. I shoot a 243AI with the 70 grain Blitzkings and it is a bomb on groundhogs at extended ranges. It has eliminated many of the draggers I used to get with the 22-250.
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I will not be shooting anything but paper beyond 4-450 with this but I will probably shoot some targets out to the 5oo or so yards for practice. I am going to build a 6br for the 400-700 yards mark and I am also going to get a .17 something for the closer ranges.
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I was thinking the same way, since I have a 22-250, too.

I don't have a 6BR, & I was thinking it was my next project.

after looking at a ballistic, & trajectory program, if you can believe them, a 22-250 shooting a Hornady 75 gr. A-Max, at 3300fps ( Hornady manual) , at 700 yds, their is less wind drift, than a 6BR shooting a Hornady 75 gr. V-Max. also it shoots flater.

The above 22-250 load also does better than a 105 gr. Hornady A-Max, in a 6BR.

does this seems right?
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