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WCRC will be hosting a 2x1000 long range match November 27th. Registration is 10AM CST, first round down at 10:30 AM CST.

For those unable to make both matches, entries for single matches will be accepted.

If anyone needs directions, or more information about the matches please email me at .

Reply with quote  #2 is only showing a 30% chance of rain, and 60*F tomorrow at 10AM. The chance for showers drops as time goes by. Still looking like a great day to shoot, with little wind.

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Are you going to shot F-Class or out of a sling ?
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Out of a sling. And I paid for it today

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Warren County Rifle club held its seventh long-range match of 2005. We had 20 shooters come out to participate in a 2x1000. The format was a standard 4-relay rotation. The first round was fired at 11:20AM CST, and we finished up at 4:05PM CST.

Weather cooperated with us all day. Wind was up some for AEDC, and there was steady 6mph cross wind with the typical gusts and let offs. It was overcast all day, and was basically dark at 3PM when the last two groups went to the firing line. It made things very difficult for those who chose to shoot irons last. (with me being the dumb one). Air temp stayed in the 50’s, and there was not a drop of rain all day.

We had five new shooters come out to enjoy the range today. Jason and Ron Burnette came up from Georgia. Carl Bottenger, a California transplant, made it out today. You won’t see Carl’s score listed, as he snuck off with his card early. That’s 3 points penalty off your next match Carl! (I just made that up) Jim Houchin and Joe Rosen are local shooters who made the trip for the first time as well.

Gene Graham won the open class today. We had an un-characteristically small group of open shooters. I guess that the fair weather belly boys stayed home and descended into the 4th level of “Turkey-Coma”. Randy Graham shot high score of the day, 197-09X, using a strait 6BR and 107’s. Let that be a lesson to those that say the 6BR doesn’t have enough behind it to do well at 1000 yards.

We had eight F TR shooters come out. That’s a very good number of F TR shooters for a club match. All were shooting 308’s, and with Lindsey London absent, Jason Burnette picked up the semi-auto gauntlet and shot an AR-10 today. Steve Grammer, of Alabama, took home the F TR win, with Campbell Boyd shooting the high F TR score of the day.

Howard Pitts took his 6PPR (his own design) out on the sling today to win the Any/Any match. Chris Hayes had high Any/Any score of the day, with a 196-03. All together, we had seven sling shooters. Not a bad turn out!

WCRC has another 2x1000 scheduled for Dec18th. Unlike this match, we will start registration at 9AM and the first round goes down range no later than 9:45AM CST. That should get us all done before it’s too dark to shoot irons, and allow those traveling to leave the range well before 4:30PM. I will send out confirmation of this match about one week prior to the 18th, so be watching for the email.

I’d like to thank all the shooters for making the trip out today. I know you all took the risk of being rained out. I hope the experience gained from shooting in the “windy” conditions paid off. I hope you all have a safe and rewarding holiday season, and that I see you all on the range again soon. Until then, all X’s and 10’s.

Chris Hayes

Name Match 1 Match 2 Agg Class Caliber

Pitts, Howard 193-04 193-04 386-08 A/A-A/A 6PPR
Hayes, Chris 195-03 186-04 381-09 A/A-A/I 6.5x284
Kubic, Matt 184-03 191-07 375-10 A/A-A/A 300WM
Millsap, Tracey 181-03 191-03 372-06 A/I-A/A 300WSM
Kunz, Clyde 174-01 184-01 358-02 A/A-A/A 308Win
Edge, Adam 180-01 174-03 354-04 A/A-A/A 30-06

Graham, Gene 195-09 196-07 391-16 F-Open 6BRX
Graham, Randy 192-09 197-09 389-18 F-Open 6BR
Luttrell, Tommy 191-05 xxx-xx 191-05 F-Open 300WM
Kilpatrick, Ernie 188-03 xxx-xx 188-03 F-Open 300UltraMag

Grammer, Steve 192-05 196-04 388-09 F TR 308Win
Boyd, Campbell 185-04 196-07 381-11 F TR 308Win
Rosen, Joe 188-04 189-04 377-08 F TR 308Win
Farrell, Brad 181-04 192-06 373-10 F TR 308Win
Wilson, David 185-05 184-04 369-09 F TR 308Win
Houchin, Jim 179-04 188-04 367-08 F TR 308Win
Burnette, Ron 173-02 193-06 366-08 F TR 308Win
Burnette, Jason 184-02 182-01 366-03 F TR 308Win
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Thanks for keeping us up to date on what is happening at Tullahoma. You do a great job with writing up the shoots. You are the BEST ambassador our sport has.

Larry and I are going to come to the shoot on 18December05,
I am going to have two first time 1k shooters and they will be using our equipment, so please put us in the same point.

Thanks for you continued support,

Chuck Wetherington
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You guys keep coming out, I'll keep the pressure up to put them on.

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