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Hi, guys,
I'm planning on buying a Weatherby, accumark, 30-378, with accubrake (of course), 28 inch. barrel (that's how it comes). Need your comments. Will be used for moose at 300 to 400 yards.
Heard it was a shoulder killer even with the brake and a barrel burner. Help me make up my mind. Which scope will resist the kick?

Pierre from Canada
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I'd go with a 300 win mag. Will be plenty of gun for 400yd moose, burn a lot less powder, and kick a whole lot less. Plus I feel Weatherby rifles are overpriced for what you get. Any scope can fail if subjected to heavy recoil or for any number of reasons really. I've sent a few Leupolds back for repair, but I had them back and functioning in a matter of a few weeks. I'd say go with one that has a proven warranty policy. Some such as Burris are known to have a poor warranty department.
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Help me make up my mind. Which scope will resist the kick?

Personally I wouldn't trust anything other than Leupold, not because I think their scopes are all that much better but their service department is the best.

Swarovski's seem to be pretty popular with the 50 BMG folks. I have their binos and rangefinder but no scopes.

I don't feel Weatherby rifles are overpriced at all. They are expensive but I think they're worth every penny. I have three Accumarks and one Accubrake which are exceptionally accurate for a factory sporter rifle shooting factory ammunition. I am offended by their use of the Krieger name as the supplier of the barrels. Kreiger bought a barrel company call Criterion a while back and the Mark V barrels are made by that company (button rifled) not by Krieger.

The recoil from a 30-378 is pretty spectacular - OK maybe not pretty but certainly spectacular. So is the price per round of ammo - close to $5 a pop I believe. But if you get one dead moose per shot it doesn't cost much per pound and your shoulder will heal before the meat is gone.
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I had a Sako TRGS in 30/378. Was a monster of a gun. recoil not too bad with a brake on it. Could handle about 8 rounds with out it. After that I was starting to flinch. Shot a calf moose at 40 yards with it. All the moose did was stand there. ullet was so fast I don;t figure it had opened up yet! Sold it and now have a sauer 202 supreme that I love in 300 win mag. Brass is much cheaper and easier to find. $60.00 for 20 new brass f0r the 338. $120 for a box of factory ammo. All for only a few 100 FPS faster...
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Thank's for your help guys. Sorry for the delay in thanking you. I was out hunting moose with a 300 mag. No kill this year. He'll be bigger next year. I haven't made up my mind yet concerning the 30-378. Still thinking.
Pierre from Canada
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A very powerful gun. If you sight in at the range, 4-5 rounds will have your brain rattling around in your head from the concussion. If you take the brake off, it will knock the crap out of your shoulder. The one I have is 1/2 in to 3/4 in with 180gr ballistic tips and a butt load of powder, well over a 100gr. Have not loaded for it in a long time. If your are to buy the rounds for it, they will be expensive. Much less if you reload, but you still have to buy the components and all the stuff is expensive. You have to remember why this gun is expensive, quality barrel which is fluted and blued and has a brake on it. High dollar stock and if they are still included an adjustible trigger which takes about 30 seconds to adjust and in my opinion is a very good trigger. I might have some cases that I havn't even used yet which I probably will not use. If you end up getting one, e-mail me and I will check.
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