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Hi folks, nice site you have here. I stumbled on to this board while trying to research info for a new lv benchrest rig, and the amount of info and expertise on the 6br that I have found here is phenominal. I've always thought highly of this cartridge, but I had no idea it had this kind of following. I decided on having a rifle built for 6br a few months ago, but little did I know how much info was out there until I ran into this site. I am going to be new to the benchrest game, and look forward to asking questions and reading knowlegable posts. I am currently awaiting delivery of a Stiller Diamondback/SG&Y stock/Shilen 1-12"/chambered for the Lapua brass from Stiller, along with a 40x45 Leupold scope.
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Hi new on here, and I'm impressed with the site and what Ive read about these 6mmbr`s, although i dint own a 6mmbr i do own a 243, i still find this forum interesting ,
also Ive just bought some lapua scenars 90grn Damm there a long bullet,
does any body have any data for the 90grn scenars for my 243,
the cases I'm using are lapua, fed 210match vhitN160,
1in10 twist 24" barrel, Ive looked for data but have been unable to locate any so any help would be BIG help.
many thanks
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I was put on to this site by the "mod." I sold my 308 and am having GAP build me a custom 6BR, when I get the money together, I wil have Speedy build me a full house F class 6BR.
Thanks goes to the Moderator for helping me design my stick from the ground up.
Mark in Texas
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G`Day fellas i have been reading this sight with interest for months and decided to sign on and ask a few questions as components for rifles are hard to get down here in Australia.
I am presently having built a 30BR on a Barnard Action and Mastin Stock Both local made pieces, as to Barrel not sure yet as i want a 1 in 18 twist and no local barrel maker does these and to get one from your side of the pond looks like taking 14 weeks and a lot of paperwork.Will also be getting a 6BR or 6BRX barrel for it in the future but at the moment shooting 100 and 200m so 30BR and my Sako 75 6mmPPC will have that covered.
Have been taking State and National titles in Rimfire classes so going for the 2Gun Titles. As well as trying my hand at F class later with the 6BRX.
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Hello Im having my first 6BR built by GA Precision Im gonna use as my Coyote/baloon rifle. I cant remember what neck except that Im not gonna have to do any turning its a Broughton #5 24inch 10twist HS Precision Sporter stock its going to be a repeater going to start out with 55 grainers so I can shoot in light class and be ready for Coyotes. Remington with Vais Brake.
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Hi guy's
Nice forum you have here! Here is some of the thing's that I have done cent's I have been here on this forum. Order a set of die's from Mr.Jim Carstensen for my new to me 30BR.And order some bullet's from Extreme Accuracy, All of that,nice forum!! My rifle is a Shilen action, Brought barrel Hv with 100 round's down the tube, McMillan stock,1.5 Jewell trigger. Jim send me a seating die, so I could fire 6 round's and send them back for him to make the FL bushing die just for that gun. The bullet's I had was some 155 A-Max,and some vv133 powder. So my frist 6 was a nice little grp. That gun is going to take some shooting. It's my frist BR gun. alot diff from my old savage!! Have you guy's heard of the postal shoot's?? By Liz Moore.
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I'm a "tactical" kind of guy. I found this site by way of Sniper's Hide. My main rifle is a Remington 700 R5 in an Accuracy International 1.5 stock. I've scoped this rifle with a Nightforce 5.5 X 22. I do most of my shooting on our property out to 500 yards, and I've been doing more 1000 yard shooting since I found a local range. Thanks for what looks like a friendly forum with knowledge.
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Welcome to the forum. As a "tactical" kind of guy, you'll enjoy this article by Brad Sauve, 2004 US F-TR Champion. He shoots a McBros .308, dressed in camo of course. Plenty of gun-handling advice for shooter with tactical-style platforms:

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