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Thank you for the article. It's funny how you can spend all the time in the world, and still not find a better load than the 308 standard (Lapua brass, Varget, 175 SMK). It's almost the identical load that I run. My next purchase will be the RCBS charge-master to speed up reloading, and minimize ES, and SD. I have to have as much help as I can get with my .308 (don't have those slippery 6mm bullets to play with). Oh by the way my handle over on Sniper's Hide was Long-shot for those who love or hate me.
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Hi all. I've checked this site out a few times before and really like the information but had no 6BR. I've decided to build up a semi custom Savage 400 yard egg gun in 6BR and the information found here has been most helpful.

The barrel will be a Pac-Nor probably in an 8" twist measuring 26" and a straight pipe having a 1.120" diameter, Baer BR stock, Sightron 36x scope, Leupold Std. base and Burris Signature rings, eventually a SSS BR 2oz. trigger and SSS competition recoil lug and tactical bolt handle. I'm looking to shoot anywhere between the 88LD up to the 107 SMK.

I'm pretty active on GGVG and Savage Shooters and also like Saubier, Predator Masters, BRcentral, Greybeard, LRH, Texas Predator Posse and Wildcat Shooting boards.
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Hey Folks My names' Andy seitz and I am a fairly new benchrest shooter that likes many different kinds of rounds. My favorite is the little .243 WSSM coyote that I am working with right now and would like to find out what other people are finding out about this new cartridge. Hello to all and I look forward to "shooting" the bull with you guys!
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Hello, all. First time here. I'm a regular on the shooting forum sponsored by Guns & Ammo Mag. I discovered this site while researching Krieger barrels for my 6mm Rem VLS. I'm not a competitive shooter, and I don't own a 6mmBR, however, I do have a good time with prairie dogs with my 6mm Rem and .223 Rem.

After checking out the reloading forums, the knowledge base here seems incredible, and I kind of doubt I'll have much to offer...but, I've sure got a lot of questions!

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Hi Bill Siegloff Here in Australia i am competing in F Class with a 284Win (yes in 7mm) and having a 6mm Dasher built as i sit here. I have been involved in a family busness profesionaly loading ammunition for contracts and individuals with over eighty calibres and i have been shooting competitivly scince 10 years old and helping loading and loading since about 7. I am trying to set up a 1000 yard comp at my club in Bendigo where the 2006 com games will be. I have a 6mm br built on a trued remington 700 VLS with the Remington barrel chambered with a 271 neck and cut back to 22" and a Kahles 8x56s scope on it for use in low light. it will shoot .3 to .4 all day. I have also been involved in writing technical articles here in OZ aswell and i will look at sending in an article on my F Class rifles if it is of any interest.

Cheers Bill
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Hey folks, My name is Jeff Hendrix. I am a gunsmith from Mississippi. I have really enjoyed the boards and gleane a lot of good info so far. PM or email me if you ever need anything.
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Ok I'll bite...

I've been lurking here a while and I have had a few posts lately. I am new to the 6BR's, but not new to benchrest and other "close to 6mmBR" wildcats. I've been shooting competitive Benchrest since 1995, and before that I did a lot of varmint shotting and wildcatting. Below is a recent picture at the "Iowa State IBS Score championships". I did very well there, 1st in the Vh 100, 1st in the VH 200, 1st in the VH grand, 6th in the VFS 100, 1st in the VFS 200 and 1st in the VFS grand, and 2nd Overall.

This picture was taken during a practice day.

Paul (pbike)

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I found this site to be very informative. It is hard to find people that appreciate precision. I'm glad to be here!

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