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Just got my first 22br all custom shoots great I'm from Lincoln Ne. HELLO from the heart land
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PBike, Welcome. That's mighty impressive shooting!!

Jeff2x2x. Glad you could join us. Post a pic of your new 22BR when you have a chance. Sure is nice working with that Lapua brass don't you think?
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I don't have a 6mmbr but I do have access to a remmington 700p and bushmaster varminter. I joined because I'm starting to do some pistol brass reloading, but will eventually be reloading for the 308 and this is a great resource.
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I'm new to the forum but not to shooting or reloading. I recently began shooting F class 300 meter at a local club. My first rifle for this was a new Savage .243 but after 2,300 rounds the barrel was ready for replacement. I have a local gunsmith putting on a Shilen 6mm BR Norma barrel on the Savage action. I've experimented (with the .243) with different weight and moly/non-moly bullets from Berger, Sierra and Lapua as well as with different powders. The 6BR will be a more efficient case and I expect to be able to stay with Varget, as I've learned from this forum.

I discovered that the best accuracy from the original .243 came with MV of 2850 with bullets seated about .015 off the lands. But, I experimented with many combinations of seating depth, bullet weights and powder weight (primarily VV 160) to repeat my first match results (I won F class). I keep records, but even an exact repetition of that match load would not produce the same results, therefore, all the experimentation until the barrel just gave up. I DON'T want to repeat that process with the 6BR.

I have picked up a lot of very useful information and data that I hope will help me in shooting the 6BR AND cleaning up after I shoot. I also don't want to have to repeat the experience I had with the .243.
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Welcome to the forum. For most of us, it is relatively easy to work up a good load for the 6BR without a lot of experimentation. I'd start with Varget, .010" into the lands. If that doesn't work, try .010" out. In my rifle, the factory ammo is about .010" away from the lands and that proved very accurate (though I'm .010" into lands with my handloads). If Varget doesn't work for you, VV N540, RL15 and IMR 4895 are good choices for the longer bullets. For the 80-90gr pills, H4895 and VV N135 work well.

But I bet you'll find that the gun is not fussy, if you use good bullets. For 300m competition, I would use the new BIB 95s. For long-range stuff, I'd try the Berger 105s, Lapua 105s, or Clinch Rivers.

On your chamber, a 0.080" Freebore will let you shoot the Berger 95s. For the BIB 95s and 100gr-class, a Freebore of 0.100-0.120 will work fine.
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Hello everyone,

I'm from Sydney Australia. I've recently become very interested in the precision shooting game. It started while building up a load for my Steyer SSG PII in 308. The best I got out of it (and my self) was a 0.35" 4 shot group at 100 meters. A bloke next to me was shooting a custom benchrest rifle in 6 PPC and the tiny little groups at 200m caught my eye. We got to talking and the rest is history. I'm hooked. I've been reading up on sites like this trying to soak up information and I'm currently talking to a gunsmith about building a rifle. Hope to place an order very soon.

Great site.
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Hi. While I've shot M1's, M16's, and had a 25-06 for awhile, I haven't owned or shot a rifle for too many years (playing the IDPA pistol game at present). Saw the MD IBS at Thurmont last month and fell in love with benchrest. Also, I've never reloaded. Doing all the required reseach off the web and from books (and of course Precision Shooting) and bugging all the guys (and gal) at Thurmont. So far, my thinking is to start with a 30BR for score (longer barrel and brass life, and stable load) and then eventually go to 6PPC for group. Have many, many questions, so you will see me alot around here. However, will do the research and try to answer my own questions prior to posting. Thanks for a great site - already have many of your articles in a folder for later reference.
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Howdy Y'all,
First timer here - just wanted to introduce myself... I've been in and out of the benchrest / varmint scene off and on for the past 30 years or so. My 14-yr old son has got me fired up again about punching some paper and maybe a whistle pig or two... Currently, we share a .222 Cooper Classic ( which may soon become a 6.8 SPC), a T/C Encore w/22-250 26" Custom Shop (ha-ha) hvy. barrel and a Weatherby Vanguard 22-250 that I just bought my son for his very own walking varminter. We also share the sport with my best friend of 42 yrs. and his 14-yr old son. Its really been fun to get back into this type shooting again - especially doing it w/my son. And if all these guns fail me, I can always fall back to my "Number One Gun" - my .40-cal 1770 Lancaster, PA-style flintlock!! Look forward to jawing with everybody.

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