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Hey Everybody!
I am addicted to!
Names Terry and I am a SFC in the Army currently stationed at Fort Indiantown Gap PA. as an instructor to train the National Guard here on how to use a Stryker.
Love shooting varmints at long range, but since PA does not allow hunting with a semi my match AR is punching paper. I am looking at building a 20BR while I try to figure out where to go to shoot groundhogs.
Hope everyone is happy healthy and steady.

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Hello, all. My name is Randy "RG" Robinett, I've been primarily a lurker here for a while; there is a wealth of good info to be gleaned from the contributors. I have been an "accuracy" fanatic since my introduction to CF rifles at age 16; it's always been precision first and everything else wherever the chips may fall with me.

I began competing in registered bench rest events during the 1977 season; NBRSA Hunter Class affairs, hosted by the Missoula, MT club. The Hunter Class events(both IBS and NBRSA) remain my primary addiction, with Varmint for Score a close second. Having been "at it" for so long, I've had a fair share of respectable and not so respectable performances!

Lately, my ups have been largely of a vicarious nature - it's pretty tough to WIN these days! Making hand swaged, bench rest quality bullets for a few dedicated, discriminating and successful competitors, keeps things interesting here at the dungeon!

When not shootin' in tournaments or chained in the dungeon, my passions are hunting coyotes or, mule deer; I'd not enjoy having to choose between the two! Here in Iowa, mule deer are in short supply, so I concentrate on the off topic pursuit of bow-hunting the local white-tails . . . or, messing with rifles! HMmmm, putting this "down on paper", it looks as though I never "grew up!

Keep 'em ON the X! R.G.
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Hello Everybody, My name is Al Ostapowicz, but most people call me Al O ( for obvious reasons). I have been shooting for pretty much my whole life. If I was able to propel something, either by powder or by bow and arrows or shooting the neighbors chickens on top of her chicken coop with a sling shot, it interested me.
For the past several years, accuracy has been my passion. I am constantly in search of the ultimate, accurate rifle. Just until recently, it was a constant search, burning wheelbarrows full of powder and shooting tons of lead down range. Then I have just recently saw the light. It was in form of a 30BR...I have owned some pretty accurate rifles in my time, but nothing like this. (Kelbly 6PPCs Custom built 6mm Ackleys, 6-284s.) You name it, I tried it. And with 118 grain BIB bullets and a Dan Lilja Barrel, this little puppy shoots. I like the caliber so much, that Craig Kostyshyn is making me up a barrel as I write this.
My hunting travels have been quite extensive. I was stationed for two years up in Alaska and hunted pretty much whenever I had some extra time and extra money (which was a real challenge for Sgt in the Air Force). Now, I get personal satifaction blowing away Montana prairie dogs with a 204 Cooper (this is my form of anger management), and hunting Montana antelope (meals on wheels) in the fall. Being from Ohio, I try to make the "pilgramage" at least two times a year. It is my goal, in the next few years to get me an elk. A nice five point would be OK.
I also participate in 100-300-500 yard shoots at South Fork Rifle Club. Haven't won too many matches, but with two 30 BRs next year, I feel I should be quite competitive. (Randy, just keep on cranking out those wonderful bullets of yours!) However, I do require more trigger time than I've had.
I have a terrific and understanding wife named Andria. I think she understands my needs to get out there and hunt and doesn't begrudge me the time or money to go on my expeditions. I also have two wonderful daughters, 5 grandkids, and a golden retriever named Sam-I-Am.
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Hi guys, my name is Pat Murphy I come from a tactical shooting background. I started shooting 308s and moved up to the 260s then the 6.5x284s now playing with the 6MMs.

I love long range shooting and have been shooting all my life. I started shooting past 500yds about 1990 and became hooked. I am luckier than most because I live in South Dakota where I have access to land that I can shoot out to 1400yds on. I have steel set up and sticks for cardboard targets.

My normal shooting day is shooting at 6" and 9" paper plates on a sheet of cardboard. I normally shoot three shot groups for practice starting at 500 an shooting out to 850yds. I find this gives me good practice on wind calls an checks the rifles accuracy without wearing out barrels to fast.

The great thing about out here is the wind!! We have it all the time. You really learn to read the wind or you don't hit past 500yds around here. We don't use wind flags just the mirage and the grass. You need to constantaly watch what its doing because we have a lot of gusty winds an many days it will change directions twice in one session!!

I am currently playing with a 6XC but not sure about how well it will do at the longer ranges in the wind. I think the 6.5s are still the way to go for my shooting style. The 6.5s hit the steel a lot harder.

You have a great sight here and some very knowlegeable people and I look forward to getting to know more of you. Good to see AL O from SC again, Hi AL!!!
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Hello all, New to this forum but not to shooting,handloading and hunting, been doing these for 25 years or so.

As far as I know I'm the only owner of a 6mmbr chambered rifle in my entire county. Glad to see there are a bunch of fans here though. Joey Sanders aka 308
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Hi Everybody.

Haven't done a lot of bench/range shooting in my life but have competed successfully in Sporting Clays (Did really well with a Rem 11/87 Auto until the government "buy-back" after our infamous Port Arthur massacre. Now have a 12 guage Remington Peerless U/O). I've been shooting for about 27 years and reloading for about 15.
Being in country South Australia I do a lot of hunting. I shoot mainly rabbits/hares, foxes, feral cats, crows, feral deer (Red and Fallow), and kangaroos/emus under permit for a few farmers that I know.
Rifles that I currently own are a CZ527 in .222, Win 70 in .22/250 Ackley 40° with Kreiger 1:12 SS barrel, No 4 "US Property" .303, and Rem 700 BDL-DM in .25-06 with a locally made Sprinter Arms SS sporter barrel (used to shoot 1/2 MOA with 75gn VMax's until the throat burnt out). I have a Tikka T3 Varmint in .25-06 Rem arriving shortly. Also have a few others that aren't really relevant.
I find a lot of the reloading and tech information on this forum very interesting. For the shooting that I do 1/2 MOA is more than enough as ranges are generally less than 400 metres. I have dropped the odd roo with the .25-06 out to 650 metres (Leica LRF800) but most of the roo culling that I've done is under a spotlight with ranges limited to about 250 metres. From memory the legal minimum for roo shooting is 1200 ft/lbs at the muzzle or pretty well a .222 Rem.
Anyway, thanks for any help and information that I can find here If it'll work in a PPC then most of it will help my rifles for sure!

Matt Ward
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Hey Guys,
I'm the new guy around here and thought I'd better introduce myself...
My name is Harry. I'm a husband of eleven years and father of three; two boys ages three and four, and a beautiful eighteen month old daughter. I've been supporting them as a Peace Officer, serving in the capacity of Sergeant with the New Jersey Department of Corrections, for the last dozen plus years. I've worked as a member of the Honor Guard and Departmental Rifle Drill Team, The Security Threat Group Committee(Gang Intelligence), and as an Academy Instructor. I have a bunch of L.E. training certifications I've picked up over the years, and am currently certified by the Police Training Commission to teach on a State Certified Academy level.
During that time, I also served in the Marine Reserves as a Radioman 2531 and the Army Reserves and Guard as a Flight Medic 91BF and Cav Scout 19D. Prior to Corrections, I was on Active Duty as a US Marine Radioman 2531, and spent about a year in the first Gulf War. I have a total of 14 years of miltary service.
I met Jason, AKA JB1000R, through Sniper's Pardise, where I'm a Moderator and Sniper's Hide, where I regularly visit. I was very impressed with his knowledge when we got together for a shoot, and decided to follow him here and see what additional gems I might be able to pick up.
If I become a problem, it's all his fault.
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Harry!! Merry Christmas!! Glad you made it over

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