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We'd like to welcome all new members to the Reloading Forum. There is a lot of collective knowledge here to be shared. Whether you're a newcomer to the precision shooting world, or a veteran shooter, you'll find lots of good advice in the forums, plus tons of information in the site articles.

We invite first-time users to introduce themselves in this thread.

Use the "Search" link at upper right to find anything in the new Message Board. Use the "Find" button to search all site articles and old Message Board posts, or click on the Articles Index for easy access to over 500 pages of content.

Photo of 30BR, 6mmBR, and 22BR by Jim De Kort
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Good Day folks great site here!
Dave Jenkins signing in I like to tinker with BR cases and wildcats out of the TC-Encore platform:
Currently working with this 26" 10 twist 6BR and have a 20BR in the works for spring.
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Greetings everyone,

Michael from Auckland New Zealand. While I currently don't own a 6mm BR (but things will be changing soon), I have a very nice custom built 6mm/284 on a trued Remington 700 action.

What I am doing is applying the same reloading techniques that you guys are using with your 6mm BR's to my 6mm/284.

I simply love this site, and it is full of lots of helpful tips as well as friendly people to boot.

Many thanks & tight groups,

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My wife's "F" class rifle.

Bat action, 6mmBR imp.

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New to the forum. Started using a 6mm Remington for varmints 30 years ago in 1974... When did that get to be 30 years ago???

Currently playing the highpower game with a .308 Win Model 70, but eager to try the 6mm/107 concept for long-range prone events. Maybe the 6mmXC? Not sure yet.

The 6mm BR really caught my eye a couple of years ago when I scored & pulled for a young lady shooting one at a 600 yard prone match. With iron sights she zinged the spotter time after time... That really woke me up to the potential of the round...

Meanwhile I've got a couple of .308 barrels to go through before I order up a 6mm barrel for my match rifle.

Regards, Guy
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Hi, everyone. New here. I have a 6BR, 22BR, 6x284 and a 6PPC.
I love to go after PDs and bench rest competition.
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Hello All,

I was put onto your site by JB1000BR. I developed a wildcat 22BR similar to the Dasher but with a 45 degree shoulder and a slightly longer neck. Why? Good Question. At the time the 22 Dasher didn't exist. From what I know of the ballistics they are identical, as is the accuracy. I am planning a switch barrel with a 6.5BR. I also have a 308 for it being fitted as we speak (or read). I am just getting back into competitive shooting. I shot with the military, but the "real world" took its toll on my shooting time (and budget). It's a pleasure to be aboard such a quality web board.

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Hi everyone!

I'm a young quy from Finland. This time i have 6BR rem with 13" HSPrecision stainless steel varmint barrel. Use to shot Sierras. They work well for me, expesially 75gr Varminters...
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