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APRIL 15, 16 & 17, 2005

This event is hosted by T.I.G.E.R. Valley. (Tactical Institute for Gun Education and Research)

Prizes and medals will be awarded to the top ten overall winners in F-Open and F/TR classes. Medals will also be awarded to the top three daily aggretes winners. Entries will be limited to the first one hundred (100) competitors to enter and pre-registration is required. We will run four relays. Scores from this match will be sent to the NRA. Competitors in this F/TR will not be eligible for the match winner award.

RIFLE CLASSES: There will be only two classes. F-Class Open with a (22 pound) weight limit. F/TR that is restricted to .223 and .308 chambered rifles fired off bipods, with an 18.15-pound weight limit. A rear rest is permitted. (sandbag or sock)

TARGETS: @ 600yards – SR3 and @1000yards – MR targets.

RULES: Current NRA rules will apply where applicable. A rifle restricted to no larger than .30 caliber. "Rail guns" and positive mechanical methods of returning to the precise point of aim for the prior shot are not permitted. No muzzle breaks are allowed. Any safe manual operated trigger is permitted. Any sighting system is allowed. The rifle must be fired in the prone position from the shoulder of the competitor using rifle rests as defined:
1.         No more than two rests may be used. If two rests are employed, they must not be attached to each other.
2.         The use of any sort of table is prohibited. Disabled competitors may apply to the NRA for appropriate dispensation.
3.         A front rest may be employed for either the rifle's fore-end or for the forward hand.
4.         No portion of the rifle's butt or pistol grip shall rest directly on the ground or on any hard surface. Any rear rest employed shall not be attached, clamped, or held onto the rifle in any manner.
5.         As an alternative to (3) and/or (4), the rifle may be rested on a simple central support such as a rolled jacket, towel, blanket, groundsheet, sandbag, or beanbag.
6.         Any number and type of objects may be placed beneath each rest to compensate for variations in the height or slope of the firing point to reduce rolling.
7.         The front rest or base may have up to three spiked feet which may be pressed into the ground by no more than 50 mm (approximately 2 inches) provided this causes no significant harm to the firing point.
8.         Rests may be adjusted after any shot for rest movement or settling.
9.         A sling may be used in conjunction with the rest(s).

F/TR (Target Rifle) classification:
F/TR will abide by all rules above except that it must be a standard caliber .223 Remington or .308 Winchester rifle weighing no more than 8.25 kg (about 18.15 lbs) including an attached bipod front rest. F/TR will be limited to Harris or Sinclare bipods only.

REGISTRATION: Registration and entry fees must be received by no later than March 14th, 2005.
Those needing to cancel will be allowed a full refund up to two weeks before the match.

COMPETITOR ELIGIBILITY: This competition is open to all individual NRA members in good standing and to international competitors who are members in good standing of their respective National Shooting Federations. International Teams and Individuals are invited.

FEES: $120.00 Per competitor.
CHALLENGE FEES: Challenge fees will be $1.00.

TARGET SERVICE: Competitors will be required to pull & mark their own targets.

SCORING: Competitors will score. Any competitor failing to perform his scoring duties may be disqualified.

OPEN BOLT INDICATOR: Open bolt indicators are required and must be used at all times except during preparation time and firing. OBI will be available for purchase from the stat office.

SQUADDING: All matches will be squadded by the Chief Statistical Officer. Matches will start at 8AM each day.

CHALLENGE PERIOD: The Challenge period ends 30min after the posting of the scores.

PRACTICE: The range will be available for practice on April 13th and 14th. Squadding will be done on the firing line at 8AM.

COACHING: Coaching during the scoring portion of a match will not be allowed. Coaching is allowed only during the “unlimited sighting shots” portion of a match.

SAFETY: Safety will be paramount importance in all activities and at all times. All rifles will have actions open with magazines removed and an IBO inserted into the chamber, except when on the firing line during the preparation period or during firing. Any competitor firing more than four consecutive misses during the scoring portion of any match will be asked to cease firing and remove his equipment from the line.

RANGE LOCATION: From Interstate 35 Exit 339 (Lake Waco/Lake Shore Drive exit), take Loop 340 eastward to HWY 84 (approximately 1 mile). Proceed on HWY 84 East approximately 13 miles to Watt (sign on both sides of post on right). Continue to the top of the next rise. The main gate is on the left between two modular homes (behind the cell phone antenna). The range is to the west of LCR 126 (Joe Russell Road). Christmas Creek is approximately 3 miles east of the range.

Eastbound- 2.4 miles from flashing caution light at HWY 84 and FM 939 to main entrance on north side of HWY.

Westbound- 2.8 miles from Mobil station at Prairie Hill.

MOTELS:         Holiday Inn 254-753-0261                         Budget Inn 254-756-7461
                Calarion Hotel 254-757-2000                 Motel 6 254-662-4622


        Colby J. Urbanovsky
        2128 Cemetery Rd
        West, Texas 76691
(7-10 pm) Mon-Fri CST

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We'ev had some e-mails on who the match director is...
The famous Cindy Moseley
Feel free to e-mail any questions you may have.

Thanks, Colby J Urbanovsky
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