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I am absolutely not trolling.

I've never been a "black gun" guy but one of my local stores has one in and I am completely infatuated with the idea of mounting it with a zeiss 6.5 x 20 varmint reticle and adding it to my very meager varmint battery.

I love the ergonomics and the muzzle break and the target accutrigger which can be set as light as 6oz.

Efficiency-wise it wouldn't be the smartest choice but I don't get to do that much shooting so I'll wash that factor out. Researching the various sniper forums these guns are 1/2 moa with factory loads no problem. These are sold online at $1500 so the price to value ratio is quite good.

Thoughts please? And before you brand me an unwashed heathen I do have Coopers, Kimbers, Sako etc.


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Since you asked....

I consider the .308 WIN to be a bit large for varminting.

At the same time, you could $$ the rifle in .308. just as you mentioned. Savage bolt guns are " switch barrell " capable from the git-go.

You could always augment you .308 barrel with a true varmint
calibre/chambering; and enhance overall gun utility.

Talk w/ Fred Moreo of " Sharpshooter Supply " in Delphos, OH.
Fred has a zillion Savage barrell he can set you up with.

Best of luck on your endeavores.

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Well, I suppose that big ol' 15 round detachable mag would still work with a .243. But that would negate the legitimacy of that uber-cool muzzle brake and wear the throat a bit quicker.
I think the looping trajectory and better wind resistance would be kinda fun.

Mind you now, I've never been p-doggin so further input is appreciated.

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Or, pick up a model 10 or 12 and then call McRee's Precision and buy one of their stocks and probably into about the same thing for less money. I have a pair of LRPVs in McRee stocks and they are a great setup. The .308 is a bit much for prairie dogs.

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Depending upon the bullet and load the 243 may hve better wind "cheating characteristics".
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I`de say go for it. If you reload you can get a 110vmax about 3200fps and get better than twice the bbl life of a 243. If you don`t mind recoil, you could use the heavies to reach out to 600+. It`s not the best choice but for a BIG gun it`s the best shot for pd`s-jmo. I love waisting`em w/ my 7SAUM.

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Richard Franklin uses a 300WSM pushing 125's around 4000. Maybe a new chamber, bolt head, and let'er rip. Randy
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That's an awful lot of gun for varmints. Simply put, the .308 is not a varmint round. Great looking firearm, I certainly wouldn't kick it out of my gun safe! But I don't really see the point in making a bolt action rifle look like an AR . . . that's just me. Maybe the Howa Axiom is selling so well Savage decided to get into that sector of the market.
Even with the 110 gr VMAX (which I've never seen shoot well out of a .308) you're still getting pounded pretty hard. If money isn't a consideration I think you'd be better served having a custom rifle built. If you're worried about shooting the barrel out of a .243 then I think you may be getting into the wrong hobby - - - if you're going to shoot it at prairie dogs then you'll likely shoot the throat out sooner than you'd prefer, but you will have fun doing it.
Please post pics of whatever you decide to buy . . .
Good luck to you.
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