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I hope i spelled that right LOL!! Anyway just hoping some of you 22br guys would share some loads. I am going to try 75gr a-max 80gr sierra and 60gr berger in my 8 twist krieger. Lee
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22BR lap case 30.5 g vv150 80g Bvld's CCI450 primers 12 th off, through a 30" hart 1:8 twist 3200fps.
We had the southern zone inter club on the weekend and this rig out preformed all 43 others with a triple possible at 300,500,600 mts
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30.6 gr of VV N135 and a 53 gr. spire point over Wolf primers with Lapua brass.
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Lee, I think you're looking for 'recipes'.
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Limited experience here. The barrel Ive got is 25" and was a take off, brand unkn. SS. Twist 1:8. Brass is Lapua, primer Rem 7 1/2, bullet is the Nosler 80 Custom Comp. Col is touching the lands. Wanted to try a quiet shooter for 600 yd competition, and this is a potentially good choice. There is very little movement of the rifle on the bags and my ears dont feel boxed, and your guts dont get jostled. The basic load is straitforward, but the powder gets a bit difficult. Long ago and faraway I was selling firearms and supplies as a bit of spinoff to an automotive business. One of the things I got a good supply of was Scott powders(which I still think are some of the best produced) Anyhow 31 grains of Scott 4351 with the Nosler 80 produced abt 3100fps in my barrel and seemingly gentle pressures. I was able to run the powder up to nearly the mouth of the case with compression, this is much more than 31 grain, never did chronograph(youll have to see what your own barrel likes if you find this powder). Acurracy at 420 yds is abt 1" average, 600 yds with all the wind and concussion of 300 mags thumpin next to you ; the bestI could produce was 4". The wind is a bugger at this range and most dispersions are lateral. At 420 yds the 80 grainers punch tiny drilled holes in 5/16 mild steel, much to my amazement-will have to get a better gong. Ive got some VV150 which I think is close to the 4351 and havent yet tried it, but at least its available.Have'nt worked too much on Varmits with this load as ground hogs are still 30 miles to the north, and crows seem to see my bloodshot eyes staring at them through the scope and leap into flight at the first increase in trigger pressure, wonder does anyone else see this phenomenum? The latestest slowdown in my shooting is the inevitable deterioration of eyesight. But we're workin' on it.
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31gr.n135 with 52gr. berger flatbase match bullit,lapua brass,fed 205 match primer through 27" shilen ss barrel.
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