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Gentlemen, I've started handloading for my 22x47L rifle for heavier grain 75 - 80gr Amax with vv560 and Re22. I'm seeking accuracy at long range in the 3,300+ FPS range, and do not intend to fire lighter bullets in my 1-8.25 twist barrel. I chose Amax bullets in particular because they are the only bullets I know in this heavy weight that can expand on small varmints. I haven't headed to the range yet and am trying to gather up the best loads using the 4 powders I have. So any of your loads in 22x47L, 220 swift, 22/250, 22Dasher, etc. with heavy bullets (up to 90 grain) will be helpfull info to me that I can apply to my 22x47L.

There are a couple of good threads that mention "4350" but do not say if it's IMR or H4350.(??) There's also mention of H4350 and RE22 being a good powder, but no word about how many grains of it was put in the case, or maybe which bullet was used.

I think I have good loads already for vv560, but any specifics about which "4350" powders, or RE22 loads would be appreciated. Thanks.

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That is one sharp looking rifle!! What's the specs on that baby?
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Wow, nice gun!

I am wondering if RE-19 would be a good option. I'm building a fast twist 22-250 and I already have a bunch of RE-19 for my 25-06.
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I've been shooting the 75 & 80gr Amax from a 22-250AI with a 8 twist and pushing the 75 Amax around 3300 with H-4831sc and loading the 80gr Amax with RL22 (if you want the exact loads you can pm me) but do not have any velocity figures as my Pact chrono just quit on me. I have shot about a dozen groundhogs with the 75 Amax with very good results but only 2 with the 80's so far but it seems like the 75's expand better both hogs shot with the 80's one at over 450 yrds and one at 200 both had very small exit holes. One hog I shot with the 75 had no exit hole I could find, it was crawling towards me around 200 yrds and I shot it head on length wise through the body. Some of the hogs hit with the 75gr Amax at longer ranges seemed to have more damage than the closer shots, maybe the bullet didn't have time to expand fully, I am going to try the 75's in my 223AI and see how they perform on hogs. The 75gr Amax and H-4831sc load shoots so good in my 22-250 AI that I bought enough of both powder and bullets to outlast this barrel.

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Vani -

Howdy !

Don't fergit to try some AA3100 w/ FED LG BR primers ( if you have some ).

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Thanks gents for the input. I did some more searches on this websight for "22-250" and "H4350" and found some good loads. I have completed handloading 6 different near max but safe loads using H4350, RE22, and VV560 with 75gr and 80gr Amax. I also loaded up a 69SMK for the heck of it too just to see what kind of accuracy I might get with it, even though I really want a better expanding bullet like the Amax. For now, I think these 3 choices of powder represent some of the best accuracy loads available from what I researched in various different forums.

I don't know what to make of the spotty reports about the Amax expansion. I have heard such reports from others too. But, at the same time it seems "preacher" and others on this websight have reported explosive results on thin skinned animals like black birds. Perhaps it's more a matter of what range the bullets are used.

This is a smithed Remington VSSF 700 action with a glass bedded 29" four-groove Bartlein Barrel with a .910" muzzle. It's a Richards Micro stock that I refinished and loaded up with an extra 1 3/4 lbs of lead. Total weight with an 8x32 Black Diamond scope is 16 1/4 lbs. The reamer has minimal free-bore and a non turn .254 neck.

Weather permitting, hopefully I'll make it to the range tomorrow. It's the first time I'm using the new Burris too. I'm hoping as I do barrel break-in, all this new stuff will come togther for me with sub 1/2" groups. We'll see.

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I shoot 75 gr. Amaxes form all factory 22-250 Savage BVSS, 1-9" twist. 26" bbl. I have best results with 39 gr RL22 and 37.8 gr IMR 4831. Can't tell the speed, but it apparently runs close to max, judging how primers look. H414 was good, but not as good as the first two. RL22 seems to work in all my guns, It became my favorite after I tried it in 6.5x55 tikka deer gun.
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w123Thanks for the input. I was able to get starting loads with the initial input I gathered, and here's the results;

RE22, VV560, and H4350 all turned in respectable first time 5 shot 1/2" to 5/8" groups during barrel prep with 75 & 80Amax. So far the powder showing the best potential(after having completed barrel prep)with the first 3 shots in one hole and all the 5 shots with absolutely no verticle is 36.5 of H4350 and the 75Amax. Best 5-shot groups have been 7/16" with or without the barrel prep going on. (I had 3-shot groups in the 2's and 3's) My rifle did not like shoting tight cases with bumped shoulders during my second trip back to the range, so I need to try that one H4350 load again with full sized cases.

I've already tried 41 grains of RE22 with 80gr Amax bullets in this 22x47. There's another member on these forums named "worker" who reports shooting 80gr Bergers with 42.5 grains of RE22 in an AI. So, then your 75 Amax load sounds a little light at 39grns for my 22x47, but perhaps this is max in the standard 22-250, and I will not knock what is working for you.

Now I've narrowed my experimenting down to about 3 loads from about the 10 that I originally started with.
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