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Is this neck turner any good or is Sinclair the way to go?
I heard Hornady is really good. I have a Forester adaptor
for it's case trimmer and it's to time consuming.
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Call Ken Markle at K & M Services for the best tools(easiest to use also) to turn necks....

Ken's# 717-292-3175
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the only one he shows is Hornady and only carries
the mandrels. He doesn't carry the neck turner.
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Are you looking for a tool to turn necks or a case trimmer?

Ken makes great neck turning tools. Wilson makes great case trimmers.

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For those of you who are still using the Marquardt Neck Turner, you can still keep them up and running. I had a conversation with Mrs. Marguardt, some time ago, and she told me that after Mr. Marquardt had passed away, she sold the rights to Bernard Morrison of Bernard Morrison Precision. Here is the most recent contact information that I have for him.

Bernard Morrison Precision
6719 Calle Mango
Hereford, AZ 85615

I hope this information will help.

Bob Blaine
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I agree with Chuck on the ease of use, especially setup, of the K&M turner. There are two negatives to it though. The pilot diameter is real close to the bullet diameter (about 0.243" for 6mm). If you use his expandiron first (0.2433") it fits the pilot fine but when you're done there isn't enough neck tension to hold a bullet so you have to size the case again. The second is, or maybe was, that the cutter is tool steel and needs to be adjusted occasionally and sharpened eventually. The last time I was at Kens place we talked about this and he said that since he'll sharpen it for $1.50 it shouldn't matter and that making a cutter with carbide welded to his patented adjustment screw would be expensive. Then recently I read a post here about someone who had a K&M turner with a carbide cutter so I don't know what may have happened.

To try to get the best of both worlds I bought some Forster neck turners (called the HOT 100) that have a carbide cutter and had Ken make me expanders that give a tight fit with the Forster pilot. The HOT 100 is more difficult to adjust than the K&M but once you get it right just tighten everything and it stays that way pretty much forever.

I've tried the Hornady and wasn't impressed. The way they hold the pilot is kind of crude and not easy to adjust in terms of cutting right up to the shoulder. I tried the Forster neck trimmer/neck turner attachment and didn't care for it at all. I tried the Wilson neck turner and it was interesting but kind of overly complex compared to the rest. It uses a shell holder similar to but not the same as the Wilson neck turner. I tried a Stiller and found it very hard to adjust relative to the shoulder but very easy to get the depth of cut right. With the Stiller the cutter is inside a recess in the tool and the shavings pile up in there and you can't see what's going on.

Might have been easier to list those I haven't tried.....

For the most part I just use the Forster hand tool. If I'm taking a lot off I use the Forster first then the K&M for the last couple ten-thousandths....

All this is why the last two reamers were 0.271" no turn..
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Marquart Turner
I have one. Mine only has a 22 cal mandrel. It is not the easiest tool to use but cuts well. I use it as my initial cutter on my 22 PPC cases. Close is good enough here. I final cut with my Harvey Miller turner. Not easy to set either. You can find Marquart's at estate sales. You could use it for final cutting. Without a doubt the Nielson is the best turner.
Stephen Perry
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