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Is your electronic scale giving you the blues? Does it drift with temperature or not hold accuracy tolerance? I modify balance beam scales to enhance sensitivity and more importantly, repeatability. You can literally count kernels with these scales. Outside of a $250 laboratory scale, this is the most accurate and precise balance you can buy. I offer Ohaus type 10-10 and model 5-10 scales. The price is $70.00+ shipping. I can also modify your existing 5-10 and 10-10 scales for $20.00+ shipping.

Scott Parker
661 364-1199

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I have tuned several 10-10s. They all have turned out very sensitive, consistent and hold linearity like a dream. If only they came that way from the factory. I can easily tune yours for only $20.00+ shipping. I have a master's degree in chemistry, thus I am very familiar with laboratory balances. Email me or give me a call.

Scott Parker
Bakersfield CA
661 364-1199
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Any chance that you could post a photo and some more specs? What are the capacity (maximum weight) and resolution? Thanks,

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The balances are Ohaus 10-10 and 5-10 scales you can google them and see pictures. The sensitivity after tuning is such that one kernel of powder registers a poise beam deflection. For repeatability, I remove the pan and replace it for the zero 10 times. The zero line and the poise beam balance line must coincide for each of those 10 tries. I then set the poises to read 250.0 grains. I remove and replace the pan 10 times with the calibration weight. For linearity, the poise beam balance line and the zero line should coincide within the line width. This is roughly one half a kernel of powder.If it does not, I will record what the error is and indicate that in the report. There are physical reasons why linearity may be off. For repeatability, the poise beam balance line must return to that same balance point ten times. I then adjust the poises back to zero and recheck the zero. A report is generated detailing the initial inspection of the balance, the corrective actions performed and any remaining concerns.

Scott Parker
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so if I sent you a set of 10-10 scales and you worked them are you saying they will read as accurately as My Denver Instruments TR603D scales?
Other words if my scales reads 36 grns of a given powder your modified scales will read the same or if I put 36 grns on your modified scales that were dead on on the 10-10 they will be 36.0 grns on my DI scales?

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No. The scales would certainly read within one tenth of your Denver instrument. The scales should repeat like your Denver instrument. Electronic scales have issues in the average home. Climate control is one of the big problems. Another problem is voltage and frequency regulation. The older the mechanical balance is, the more wear has occured on the poises and the poise beam. Thus, they tend to loose some small amount of accuracy over time. However, the precision that can be obtained from tuning them is really quite amazing. The tuned 10-10 scale is not superior to the analytical grade milligram electronic scales. It is however the best scale you can get for less than $200.

Scott Parker
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