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I have a 26" SS barrel 1:14" twist in 22-250, that has done 1400 rounds and would like to re chamber it to to 22 Dasher or 22 BR as I hear that they are not so hard on barrels. Which one would be best and most accurate using 55gr to 70gr projectiles to shoot targets and varmints over 300 to 400 yards.
I have read that they can compete with the 22-250 in the velocity department without the harsh side effects on the barrel, is this true. Can anyone quote any reloading figures and barrel life stats.
Which ADI powder should I use, is any one better than the others.

Thanks for your help.
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Just thinkin.....Im not shure you can use bullets much bigger than 55 or 60 with a 14 twist bbl....but as far as what cal to go with....I would try one of the new 22 X 47's ....good brass ...small primer ....should work great....same vel or maby lil more than dasher...longer neck ....simpler to make...sounds like the one for me..Roger
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The 22 BR can produce the same or better velocity of the 22-250 with less powder. With a 1 in 14 twist you would be able to shoot a 55 gr. bullet, but any heavier and it will not stabilize. If you want to shoot 70 gr. bullets you will need at least a 1 in 9 twist.

The 22 BR really shines at about 300 yards when the boattail bullet finally stabilizes. The 22 Dasher will give you a little extra velocity and range. The 22 BR is the fastest of the BR cartridges, which makes it ideal for varmint hunting.

The ideal set up with would be a 22 Dasher chamber with a 1 in 7 twist 26 inch barrel. The 1 in 7 would allow you to shoot 90 gr. VLD's which is the heaviest bullet you can shoot out of a BR or Dasher, it also has the hightest BC.
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I'll try to answer your questions but the answers are just my experiences and opinions. First, however, if you have a 22-250 barrel with 1,400 rounds through it the cost of cutting and re-chambering might not justify the additional life you'll get. Depends on what level of accuracy you're expecting. I've had 22-250's and 220 Swifts stay under 1/2" at 100 yards up to 3,000 rounds but they were more like 1/4" when they were new.

Also, as previously mentioned, you're pretty much ,limited to 55 grain or so bullets. A 1 in 14" is going to have problems with anything heavier.

My 22 BR, based on the rate at which I'm chasing the lands, may be better than the 22-250 but not by all that much. The side effects as you refer to them, are still there, just not quite as harsh. If it was a 22 Dasher and you fireform the cases in the primary rifle I'm not sure you would come out ahead. If you build a surrogate rifle for fireforming it would work out better.

The 22 BR is pretty much a standard cartridge. Dies are fairly inexpensive. Not true with the Dasher. Dies are expensive and you have the fireforming step to go through. It would be faster but at the ranges you're talking about and with a slow twist, I'm not sure there's any benefit.

As far as powders go, if you're limiting the selection to ADI (which isn't all bad) you're looking at Bench Mark 2 (Benchmark here), AR2206H (H4895 here) and AR2208 (Varget)- you should check these cross references, I think they're correct but it's not first hand data. I've tried Benchmark with lighter bullets and it shot great. With heavier stuff (69 grain SMK's) I use Varget which also works well in my application. There's is a whole reloading section under the 22 BR heading on the home page.

I'm sure the 22 Dasher has a place in life but it's got to be pretty dedicated and accompanied by the application of significant dollars.

Good luck........

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For the 22 BR Varget works very well with heavy VLD bullets, at lower pressures. Make sure you seat the VLD's into the lands. As far as dies Forster makes good dies that size the case all the way down to the bottom of the neck. Idealy you would want a Forster FL die and a Wilson seater die. I would reccomend just full length sizing so you dont have any problems with cambering. If you use Remington brass (you are better off with Lapua) you need to make the primer pocket and flashole uniform or you will hate the groups you will get.
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Hi as already stated the barrel with 1400 rounds through it may not be worth spending any money on. If you can fit it yourself fit a 22BR as you are trying to conserve the barrel life. With the 14 twist the 55gr projectiles will be the heaviest. I have tried the 60gr V Max in a 22-250AI 14 twist and they will not work. Benchmark@ will work verry well and even AR2206, AR2206H and AR2208. it depends what powder you have on hand i use all the above powders in a 6mmBR with 55gr Projectiles so i would prefer AR2208 as it will give you better velocity with less pressure. You could even try AR2209. Now if you are going to rebarrel down the track i would look at the 22 Dasher get a reamer now with Redding 6mmDasher TypeS Bushing full length die with 22 cal bushing and a 22BR competition seating die and ream the sleve to dasher. Use the old barrel for hunting and purchase a new MAB 8 twist 224 cal barrel. I have a 7 twist that was chambered in 223 that was rechambered to 22-250AI the 22-250AI is just to much on a 90gr Sierra in the 7 twist but the MAB 8 twist will stabalise the 90gr in a 223 so with a Dasher you will be able to use any projectile. I also shot 55gr Sierra BlitzKings in the 7 twist and they shot 1/2" at 100 yards and 1" at 200 so you are better getting a new barrel to use the formed cases in. So form the cases in the old barrel and shoot out the barrel when you rebarrel with the faster twist barrel you can then go with a faster twist and already have the gear.

Other than that the 22BR is a great little round aswell.

Cheers Bill
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Wow, thanks to Roger, Heavy Varmint, gunamonth, Wild Bill and any others for all the advice and honest open suggestions on the 22 BR and 22 Dasher.
I will seek advice from my gunsmith on whether the barrel is too worn or any good for the purpose of re chambering. He has said that the 22 BR is more popular here and that he doesn't know anyone with the 22 dasher. Well I will be going with the 22 BR and try to use the old barrel to set up on and then when its completely shot out then chose a better one for my needs. The gunsmith has said also that there are plenty of match projectiles for me to choose from for my rifle.
any way thanks again,
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