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I want to start loading .223rem with 69gr and 75gr Hornady BTHP and 77gr SMK for AR15. I will be using a RCBS Uniflow power measure to dispense the power so i want a power that will meter well. I also want be powder to be clean considering it is gas gun. Is H335 a clean burning power? Is it a good choice for this application?
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The 223 has always been loaded with spherical powders by comercial loaders due to three reasons. 1. More powder density, 2. Better metering in mechanical measures, 3. Less problems with powder bridging in the smaller drop tubes.

I custom load specialty 223 target and varmint ammunition.

I found the most common problem was static and powder bridging. I tried many things to remedy the problem. Highly polished drop tubes, non ferrous powder funnels etc.

Tim Johnson Maker of the Quick Measure introduced me to how he ended his powder bridging problems IE: bead chain down his powder measure drop tube. All powder measures have some form of floating powder funnel. Because of variations in case length.

Hanging a small non ferrous bead chain down through the drop tube just long enough to pass the top of the powder funnel constriction cured all my briding problems. I have drilled holes and inserted bead chains in all of my powder measures.
A $2.00 fix to a real problem.

This has opened up a whole new demention to my loading the 223 and other small caliber cases. I now can load the extruded log powders in the small calibers.

I have found the Quick Measure and rotary type metering powder measures will throw Varget, Reloader 15, H4895, within +/- .1 The Quick Measure will throw +/- .05 even with powders such as H4350, H4895.

I found the bar type measure like the Dillon, Lee and others just want measure accurately enough with any powder other than ball type and they wear out quicker. I have ten Dillon measure sitting in a box all worn out. I feel they are the week link with the Dillon 1050 loader. Dillon is very good about honoring their life time warranty. They have replaced a half dozen powder measures for me.

Back to the 223. I load a lot of Varget, and VV 540. I have moved away from W748 and BLc2 because of heat sensitivity.

Varget is somewhat dirty. But the other aspect make it very popular. Especially with the heavy bullets.

Good Luck with your 223 loading.

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H335, while one zinger of a powder for the .223 w/ 50-55gr bullets, is generally considered a little too fast to obtain maximum velocities w/ the 'heavy' bullets such as 77 & 80s. Some people claim good results from Win748, at least up to 69gr bullets. Ramshot TAC has its adherents for the heavier bullets, and AA2460 seems to do pretty well. Beyond that... you're into the short extruded powders already mentioned... H4895, Varget, RE-15, N140, N540, etc.

Good luck,

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H335 - meters easily, burns clean, but is very temperature sensitive. Winter and summer loads will likely be different.

N540 - meters easily, burns very clean, good velocities with 50 to 80 grain bullets, and temperature does not affect it too much.

Varget - meters ok, dirty in gas gun, not temperature sensitive.

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Rustystud, You know much more about it than I do and I dont doubt your word. I thought that the problems with powder bridging was inside the, for lack of a better word,"measuring chamber". That powder would stack and somehow block enough powder for the full measured amount to enter in the measuring cylinder inside the powder measure. That would not let the powder measure throw uniform charges. I'm I wrong? If so how does it really happen?
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I use H335 and it works great. I have not been able to chrono it but I use 69gr Sierra MK's and havent had a problem. I use it through an old Saeko meter, have had NO issues. I will say that I picked it because of what I read from others. I have aldo heard of varget working well.
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