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I'm new to the 1000yd game. Shot my first match last Saturday at williamsport with a borrowed gun.
I have a 6.5-284 custom on the way, and want to use a Night Force 12-42 BR Scope with 40 MOA elevation adjustment.
According to my ballistic calculations, hypothetically if I use a Sierra MK 142 (BC 595) at muzzle vel of 2950, and a sight in distance of 100yds I will need about 26" (26 MOA @ 100yds)out of the 40 available on the Night Force to be zeroed at 1000yds
Am I better off with a 20 MOA base- and only using 6 MOA scope elevation? --
I think I've read you're better off nearer minimum scope adjustment - There are plenty of hi powered optics experts on this site- would appreciate your help--
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My guess is that you'll need a 20 MOA base. I'm not a long range shooting expert but I think I'm correct in saying that if your scope has 40 Moa of elevation, that means 20 MOA up and 20 MOA down from optical zero. Perhaps one of the long range guru's could jump in here and either correct me or verify that I'm right. If, in fact I am correct, you'll need the base in order to get enough up adjustment from your scope to reach at 1000yds. I just built a new P-doggity rifle in .243 AI, and I'm using a 6.5X20 Zeiss Conquest in Burris Z-Rings with a -20 insert in the front ring and a +20 insert in the back ring. Although I don't get a true 20MOA, I do get enough adjustment out of the scope to be able to zero at 1000 yds.
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I struggled with the same problem until I found the Ivey Adjustable Scope Mounts

I use the BR30-050 ring version on both my Stiller Cobra actions

But Steve also offers the MSR30-150 rings for Picatinney Rails

Or even the MSRR-150 adjustable Picatinney Rail for your own rings

Both my sets fit and worked perfect. Just follow the simple instructions. None of the rings required lapping and both sets were in perfect alignment as installed. Steve Ivey makes a fantastic product and is great to work with be patient if not in stock but he hit his promised delivery on the first out of stock set and shipped the second in stock the day after the order was placed.

Attached Images
Click image for larger version - Name: Ivey_BR_Rings.png, Views: 88, Size: 47.95 KB  Click image for larger version - Name: Ivy_P-rail_Rings.png, Views: 75, Size: 38.90 KB  Click image for larger version - Name: Ivy_Adj_P-rail.png, Views: 75, Size: 30.54 KB 

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20MOA base is fine for that setup...same thing I run on my 6BR.

Guess I missed you Sat...

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Thanks (to everyone)- 20 MOA base it is-

jb I'm the guy who just showed up to check out the range, and Bob Aronson (sp) asked if I wanted to shoot his gun in one of the relays- and I did- and it was a blast!
Think I'm hooked on this-
See you at Williamsport,
Bob V
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BobV, I hope a similar thing will happen to me this 14 July at Tuscon's Three Points range at the Tuscon Rifle Club's monthly 1000-yard shoot. I've been offered to shoot someone's rifle, and I hope to enjoy myself greatly.

I just ordered a Shehane 6.5-284-chambered 16.5-pound rifle; it'll arrive just about the time the weather is starting to cool, around 01 October.
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