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If you are building this off a pre 64 Model 70, then you are dealing with a CRF action.

STay away from any sharp shouldered cartridges ie over 30deg. Odds of jamming up are high.

Also, keep your OAL as close to the orig as possible. This helps ease the chambering process.

Knowing this additional info, I would suggest a 6.5-06 or a 6.5-7X57Mauser.

If you go with a short rd, you may have it jump out of the mag before you want it to. Also, mag blocking and other tweaks might be necessary.

If not attached to this rifle, consider selling it as orig factory. They tend to bring a pretty penny nowadays.

Use that money to build a center feed whatever in the action length you want.

As for 260 brass, I make all of my 6.5 Mystic from 308 Win brand brass. Superb and takes a couple of easy steps to form.

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That's some seriously good advice from MysticPlayer.

So, 6.5-06 it is! Or maybe just a plain-jane 270 Win using Berger's new VLDs. Or maybe a 280 Ackley? But wait, there's tons of good match bullets in .30 caliber, so why not a .30-06? Oh shit! Now I'm confused again...
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6.5 swede feeds from a long mag just fine. and i'd bet it also fits the bolt face since it's only .006" larger. i used the swede as an across the course round and it performed well. good luck and have fun!! treeman
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You know here in America we don't give much of a damn what happens on the other side of the pond. The 6.5X55 has been winning matches for decades.

Just got to have something different, try it AI'd.

There is just a comfort factor in knowing that a cartridge that has been around for ever, still gets the job done.

I was just rereading ACKLEY's Vol II about the 6.5X55 and he says that it is just about the bore limit for 6.5mm. After 30 plus years of play with the 6.5, I think he was right.

No it's not sexy, no it's not going to cause extra work. It will however do what you want.
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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all.

I have been kicking this around in my head, over and over and here's my devils advocate reasoning.

1) Factory ammo and Factory (although monopolized by Hornady) virgin brass, without fire forming or any other work is a HUGE PLUS.

2) Short cartridge over all length will allow for a short (although gunsmith modified) bolt throw, which will permit a fixed stock or cheek weld for rapid fire shooting with no change in NPA on the target: HUGE PLUS

3) Barrel life: I just had my second child in November so money is REALLY tight. 6.5 x 55, 6.5-06, are huge and somewhat overbore. Again, trying to get the Long Action bolt throw to go away so I don't have to get my huge noggin' out of the way to work that long, factory 30/06 bolt.

4) New 6.5 Creedmoor Reamer purchase....HUGE MINUS. Hell, I think it's available at Pacific, but no brass is yet available. My smith' is willing to go halves on the reamer, which is more than fair, but again he does have a .260 AI reamer in house, BUT AGAIN, 40d case shoulder and cone faced barrel/ Model 70 may cause feeding and reliability problems. I am sure the .260 AI is the nuts for prone slow, F-Class, and probably Benchrest, but the 40d shoulder seems like a liability to me (the novice 1000 yard shooter).

5) The liquor cabinet is still full of high end bourbon and Single Malt.....HUGE PLUS!

6) Having so many opinions from experienced shooters, and so many total responses: HUGE PLUS!

Thank you all for the information and guidance. I will keep the forum posted and let you know whether this 6.5 Creedmoor project pans out. Saayyy, anybody from Hornady listening/posting???? Want to do a performance evaluation with my new 6.5 5R, SS, Bartlein Heavy Varmint Barrel? I just need you guys to give my smith' about $450.00 and then we'll really see if this platform is a shooter! LMAO!

Here's to a wonderful, safe, accurate, and prosperous New Year in 2008!

Thanks for all of your posts. They were greatly appreciated.


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No one really knows what you want like you do, when you decide. However, seeing all the replies for the 6.5X55 and other larger cartridges, I thought I'd add a data point on the smaller end.

I'm sitting here looking at a 6.5x250 aka 260 Bobcat. I have some experience with this cartridge, 100s though not 1,000s of rounds. It's a mild recoiling round with good accuracy in my Lilja barreled Rem 700. I use 32 grains of RL15 under the Sierra 142 gr MK for a bit over 2600 fps. The 107 gr SMK gets just over 2800 fps with 34 gr of RL15.

My rifle was built for High Power Silhouette with a max distance of 500 meters and with and eye for minimum recoil. I'm not sure what shooting you are planning for but I would think 600 meters and beyond reasonable. I haven't checked to see if it is still supersonic at 1,000 yards.

Accuracy has been good for a gun still in a Rem ADL stock and wearing a 2 lb trigger: .5 down to .298 at 100 yards with a couple of .5 - .6 groups at 200 yards using the 142 gr SMK.

I would suppose that that the 6.5XC and 6.5 Creedmoor would be similar and might have a bit more capacity and therefore a bit more speed with the same bullets.

As for stuck cases, The Winchester 250 Savage cases that I use are probably softer than 6.5X47 Lapuas but I don't have an issue and neither do the two other guns I know of since we aren't pushing the limit. In silhouette the goal is sufficient accuracy and momentum with minimum of recoil. The sweet thing about the 6.5-250 is case forming is no more than necking up .007!

One thought, you might consider a mid 6.5 (6.5 Creedmoor, 6.5XC, 6.5-250/260 Bobcat, 6.5 IHMSA) in that new barrel and then set it back if you want more. Hmm, I know where a 6.5-250 reamer is.

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Boots Obermeyer from Obermeyer barrels shot a 6.5/250 and shot amazing scores @ 600 yards.

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Only drawback, IMO with cartridges based on the venerable 250 Savage case is the short neck. Probably why wildcats like the 6mm International have the shoulder pushed back a little for a longer neck with the larger diameter bullets.
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