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Here are a few selected 6X47 Lapua loads from some preliminary testing. Serious accuracy testing will have to wait for better range conditions. Rifle: Savage Target Action, 26" SS PacNor barrel, Super Match grade, 1/10 twist, SSS Benchrest Style Stock, Leupy 4.5X14 Scope.
75 VMax-41.0 N550-F205M 3480fps
75 VMax-37.0 H4895-F205M 3429fps
87 VMax-41.0 W760-F205M 3262fps
70 Sierra MK-41.5 N550-F205M 3583fps
70 Sierra MK-37.5 IMR4895-GM205M 3455fps
71 Berger-37.5 IMR4895-GM205M 3463fps
95 Sierra MK-40.0 W760-F205M 3137fps
Chronograph was a PACT PRO with screens 12' from muzzle.
Temps were 50-60F. All cases were FL sized in a Forester FL die and bullets seated with an Ultra seater.
I was interested in comparing loads in a factory stock action vs some of the loads reported on the internet in custom actions. I approached some of the custom action loads in the Savage and found they were excessive in my rifle for routine use as a pd puncher where temperatures are likely to be as much as 50F higher. If I want to push 70gr bullets at 3600+fps I'll use my 6AI. IMR4895 with the lighter bullets and N550 with all bullet weights appear to have good promise for accuracy. H4895 gave good velocities with lighter bullets, but couldn't come close to matching IMR4895 for accuracy. H380 and AA2495 were also tried, but accuracy was not so good. We've had a nasty ice storm followed a week later with snow and 30-50mph winds, so range conditions have been too poor to continue testing. I want to try N550 with the heavier bullets next. Later, Vic
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GREAT~~Thanks a lot this really helps. I have a gun on order in this caliber with a 1-10 Krieger for 68-100 gr bullets to shoot PD's and this gives me a place to start. How was accuracy between the 75 vmax and the Sierra 70?

As soon as my gun arrives and the weather permitts I will post my load data also.

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stosh: No surprises here, the Berger and Sierra match bullets shot a bit better than the VMax. I was able to shoot some 3's and 4's with the 70gr match bullets with 37.5 IMR4895 and 41.5 N550. The best I did with the 75 VMax was in the 5's and 6's with 41.0 N550. Range conditions were not very good for either test, with strong gusty cross winds, but were better the day I tested the match bullets. (I had to put sand bags on the chronograph screen tripod for weight to keep it from blowing over.) I think the VMax will shoot better than this with some more development and better conditions, but doubt they will routinely make as small groups as the match bullets. Today is overcast and windy with more snow forecast for tomorrow, so it will be a while before I can resume testing. Vic
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Here's some more data.
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Some more Sierra 95 MK loads.
Sierra 95MK-41.0 H4831SC-F205M-2982fps (Compressed load)
Sierra 95MK-40.0 N550-F205M-3295fps (Too hot-over max in my rifle)

I was not able to get enough H4831SC in the case to get reasonable velocity. Accuracy was fair and SD was 7.0.

The N550 load shot a ragged one hole 5-shot group @ 100yds with a SD of 6.8, but primers were starting to crater and bolt lift was starting to increase. I will reduce the charge to 39.0gr and retest later. That the 40gr load of N550 proved too hot shouldn't have been a surprise, since the velocity exceeds the loading manual velocity of the larger .243Win @ almost 60,000psi by well over 100fps. Later, Vic
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Thanks again and keep em comming!!!
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Please use the following at your own peril but...

I shoot many Savage/Stevens actions and all my loads have cratered primers. It is a byproduct of an overly large firing pin hole. A byproduct of the wobbly bolt head.

Using factory 7RM ammo gives me the same result so I have not worried about it.

I have cases that have been reloaded 20+times in my 6.5 Mystic. Pockets are still near factory fresh tight and every primer is cratered. Certainly not running excessive pressures.

Try case head measurement as a better indicator of pressure.

Appreciate the load info as I will be making a similar wildcat later this year.

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