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I am intersted in building up a 22-250 for shooting 55-75 grain bullets and need input for twist rate.

I was wondering if a 1-14" twist would stabilize a 75gr since it will still have good velocity?

Is a 1-12" to much spin for 55 grainers?

Thanks in advance!
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The .224 75-Max is a VLD shape, and is as long as many 80 gr bullets (the necessary twist is determined by length, not weight). The A-Max will need at least a 1:7.8 twist, but works better with a 1:7; with a 1:14 there's no hope of stabilizing them. Even the Hornady .224 75 gr BTHP Match needs a 1:9. You'll ave to stick with mid-weight flat-base bullets or rebarrel with a faster twist.
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I have a 1:12 that shoots 55's great, and I'm going to try some 60's this weekend. I will let you know how they do. I really hope they shoot good enough for hunting purposes. They are Nosler Partitions and I have been long anticipating their arrival and potential success so you guys cross your fingers.
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Hornaday recommends a 1:9 for the 75 amax. My 22-250AI loves the 75s with a 1:9. I haven't tried the lighter bullets in it though.
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Thanks for all of the input!

I have a Rem 700 SA that has been trued and a 1-8" Lija SS 28" barrel for a 600 yard F T/R Class shooting and will be shooting 75 A-Max and 80 grainers in a 223! I was hoping to shoot the same bullet in a 22-250 I want to re-barrel___Especially with reloading costs going up! I figured I could shoot them in either gun__________ I have shot 60 grain Hornady HP's and they turn the lights out on DEER (farthest only 125 yds thus far) and that with a standard Remington VS barrel.

LOOKS like I will get me a 1-12" twist for the 22-250! I should shoot at least to 70 grains! and will smoke 55's______ANY THOUGHTS HERE?
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Did you get exit with the 60 grain Hornady HP's? What did your entry and exit wounds look like? I would imagine them to be rather small but with HP's maybe not...?
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The exit depended on the angle, entry area. Usually through the neck and broadside rib only (lungs), but I have shot them at the top of the shoulder at the base of the neck with an exit. Not to concerned about the exit though because there usually is no need to track! The farthest I have had one go is about 20 feet! I like a bullet to expend all of it energy into the animal, becuase they are about 70% liquid inside the shock wave really helps them go down.
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I'm planning on using the 75 & 80 grain amax bullets exclusively for the 22x47 Lapua case. (which is similar in capacity and loadings to the 22-250) I'm intending to load these bullets between 3,350fps to 3,400fps. The barrel maker and I concluded that a 1- 8.25 twist would be perfect, and that's the barrel I ordered. Another gentleman on these boards has reported having stability problems beyond 100 yards with the 80Amax and 1-9 twist.

Unless you're firing the longer and heavier VLD bullets, 1-8 and faster twists aren't necessary, as the 1 - 8.25 is already at the threshold of maximum RPM at these velocities.
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