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I would like to know the reasons of change of point of impact when I move the zoon in a variable (2nd focal plane).
It happens in all the 2nd plane variable scopes?
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What brand of variable scope are you using?? Tasco, BSA? That maybe your answer right there!
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if your using a well known brand name scope you can call there tech support and they will tell you what the magnification should be in order to set that scope at, it maybe 10x 12x and so on but the answer to your ? is YES when you zoom in it will change your bullet impact depending on weither you zoom in or out. Sight at a certian power and leave it there. To prove this do the following: place your rifle in a benchrest and stablize it well, now focus on a set target preferrable at a 100 yards with a good paper target, then without moving your rifle in any way, move your zoom in and out and watch what happens. It should slide up and down on the targe verticly. That's why you want to sight and shoot at one known power and not be jumping up and down the scale. That being said it is ok to zoom to look at target like a deer or varmint but alway run it back to the sighted in power to maintain accuracy. Make sense?????
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A quality variable scope should have very little to no change in bullet impact when using different power settings.
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Just one of many reasons I use only 1st Focal plane glass when I have a choice.
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pepperjones --

Sorry but I disagree!!!
In my experience/opinion, if a scope is doing what you describe happens, you have scope issues.........

Advising to LEAVE THE SETTING ALONE is counter-productive to variable scope intentions and design purpose.

A properly working variable scope will hold POA over its power range. The advantage of having the variable is to very the power to get the clearest and magnified picture of the intended target for the conditions and distance to it.

Example -- with a NF 12x42x56 of mine, I can do exactly what you advise over the extent of the 30x power range, and it will NOT move off the POA. And when firing, the POI will stay centered up with in group over the entire 30X range as well.
........ As should be for all variables that are working properly.

Bare in mind, low end quality scopes are just that, and you get what you pay for .........

Happy Shooting
Donovan Moran
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If any of my Nightforces, either NSX or BR's ever start to change impact when I change the power I'll sell em all and put BSA's on em........
What's the sense of more power if you can't use it ?
What happens if your shooting at 42 power and mirage rolls in and you need to reduce the power, but can't because it will change your point of impact ?

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