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Sharing a little load data comparing Varget, RE-15, and RE-17 with the 95 gr BIB FB bullet. I am new to the 6BR and was doing some exploring. Not a lot of data on RE-17 so I will show mine for comparisons. This data was collected using the incremental load development method at 300 yds.

Gun: Savage, Target Action, Krieger 28" 1:10 twist no-turn (0.272"), SSS LVT stock, Weaver T36 scope, shot from from rest and rear bag.

Conditions: 60-62F, wind 1:30 to 3:00 at 6-12 mph with gust at 18 mph. The 300 yds berm is across a small valley. I had wind flags at the 300 yd line and at 50 yds. Too much horizontal in this data. I pretty much suck at reading wind flags and just started.

Load info: Lapua, fired 3-4x, freshly annealed, FL S-type sizer with 0.267" bushing. Primers, 205M. Bullets seat at 1.827" to ogive (0.005 into the lands).

*** DISCLAIMER: The following loads where safe in my gun with my lots of powder. Use at your own risk. ***

29.5 to 31.9 gr. 31.9 gr yielded a stiff bolt. 5 shots at 31.2 gr yielded 3020 fps with a Vertical of 2.007". Horizontal was 3.249 (wind was a killer). This was probably not on a node. After I looked at the ladder when I got home, 30.1 gr is probably closer to a node.

29.5 to 31.6 gr. 32.0 gr yielded a stiff bolt with extractor marks on the brass. 5 shots at 30.1 gr yielded 2978 fps with a vertical of 0.603" (wow) and a horizontal of 0.954". I got these off really fast and had pretty constant conditions. I am pleased with this and will go back and look at seating depth.

32.2 to 34.6 gr. 34.6 gr was 100% load density, but no pressure signs observed. 5 shots at 34.6 grs yielded 3154 fps with a terrible 1.904" of vertical and 3.003" of horizontal. Definitely not on a node. A closer look at the data suggest 34.0 gr would have been much better on the vertical. Maybe a compressed load at 35.0-35.3 would have been ok. Didn't try it. I will try 34.0 gr again for group.

Just sharing what I learned on a mild winter day. I have been too bored and had to think of some way to burn powder. RE-15 is definitely a winner in my gun. RE-17 shows great velocity but I didn't find the right load yet.

Maybe this is useful to someone.

Luck, tiny

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Thanks for the report with detailed information. My thinking is that the case capacity is too small for RL17 and you aren't getting into the best pressure range for that powder. Still the velocities are VERY impressive, and RL17, with some tuning (and maybe a different bullet) could be an interesting alternative for varminters looking for a very high velocity load out of a 6BR.

Alternatively, look at your Shots 6,7,8 RL17 load--they show almost no vertical and the 3050 range is a known node in the Dasher cases. I would try shooting groups in the 33.7 load range. NOTE that between 6,7,and 8 you have an even 20 fps vel difference between load increments. That could be a sign of a good pressure range.

I'm intrigued how RL17 might work in a 22BR.

I also suggest you may want to clean your barrel before shooting RL17 after testing other powder. Reloder 17 is a completely new/different formulation and it may shoot best without other residual elements in the bore.
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The barrel was cleaned after each powder. I fired 3 fowlers, the ladder, and then choose a charge for the group of 5. Then cleaned and set up for the next powder. I think the 95 Berger VLD might work better with RE-17. I kept getting too high pressure with Varget and had a very sticky bolt with the VLDs. Agreed it may work even better with the 105/107s. Can't shot those in my 1:10 twist. I have a 1:8 Shilen on order. Tiny
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I have a 1:9 Broughton at the smith now being set up for 95's. I think it is a great setup and fits the 6BR case perfectly. I switched to RL15 this year is my current setups and was very happy with the gains over varget. Good luck!
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Which one of these powders used in the 6br is the least temperature sensitive?
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I believe Varget is the least temp sensitive. RL-15 give me slightly better groups & velocity, but I worry about throat erosion from the double based powder.
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I've tried Reloader 15 and found it to be dirty, temperature sensitive, and varied from lot to lot.
Varget is my choice.

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I used RL15 in a 22-250 this year for ghog matches and used the same charge all year with no temp problems. However, the load is a lower pressure and is dirtier than my 6BR loads. With that said, the accuracy gain and speed increase over Varget outwieghed any negatives. Just my opinion but its worth a try.
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