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While I have had some good success with the standard .284W running with the 175SMK, I want to squeeze out a bit more performance so I've ordered a 7mm/284 Shehane chamber reamer from PT&G.
I thought the relevant article in the 7mm info page was quite good which fuelled my decision.
I would like to hear from any other forum members who are using this cartridge.

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Sorry macca09, I am unable to provide you with the experience you are searching for. I do however have a question that you might already have had answered for you.
I am currently building a 284Win on a Surgeon action, and I too was impressed by the Shehane version. The minimal fire forming is very appealing as to are the velocities.
My question is, what about dies? Are strait 284 dies acceptable, or would they be defeating the purpose. Does Redding make their Comp dies for this chambering? Also, what about shell holders for my Sinclair trimmer, I doubt the extra case width will fit the holder. My lack of answers to these questions have inhibited me from ordering a 284Shehane reamer.
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The shell holder would be the same as the .284 Winchester. The .284 Winchester Die will not work!!!! You can probably get the .284Shehane Dies from Bill if not from him Neil Jones can build you a set from the reamer prints..
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I have been shooting the 284 Shehane in long range prone competition since April 2007. I have shot the 175 SMK, the 180 JLK, the 176 GTB and the 180 Berger.

My testing to date shows that H4831SC is hard to beat. I have won or shot well in matches from just above 32 degrees to 105 degrees with the same powder charge. That go to charge is 57 grains (in my gun so work up slowly) of H4831SC under a 180 Berger with closed meplat, Lapua brass, and either Russian or CCI primers. My fps has been right at 2950 with an ES below 5 as I do a LOT of BR type case prep. A good starting charge of 54 grains during fire form shoots great.

In every match that I have won or set records, there were several if not many shooters on the line who were better than me -- fact. But, my meager but adequate skill set combined with the accuracy and BC of my 284 Shehane shooting package has often more than leveled the playing field. I have shot next to other very fine prone shooters shooting 300 Win Mags and 6.5s and I was easily inside of them on the same wind conditions. The different 7mm mags will hang with but not really surpass the 284 Shehane -- but at the expense of more powder, less barrel life, more recoil, and a magnum bolt face. The 284 Shehane is about the perfect case capacity for a 7mm.

Now that we have great bullets in 7mm, you can simply shoot inside most 300 mags with less recoil, Lapua brass, and a standard bolt face. The straight 284 needed a little pepper and the 284 Shehane gives you that. RL-17 really makes in shine on paper, but the jury is still out on this powder as fps is not everything.

I dearly love a 300 WSM, but the 284 Shehane just has it all. If I thought another chambering was better, that is what I would be shooting as I am not recoil sensitive at all.

As to dies, I know Redding made/makes 6.5x284 Shehane dies. I shoot that chambering in one of my 1000 yd BR rifles and thought I might be able to get away with just changing the bushing -- wrong. My size die and seater are made by Jim Carstensen. He is just a master craftsman. Bill Shehane might be able to shine a brighter light on the availability of Redding dies.

Favor Center,
Jim Hardy
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Thanks all especially Jim for his on-hand business end experience. I'm very pleased to see that he too acknowledges that "the straight 284 needed a little pepper and the 284 Shehane gives you that" and that this has been proven out at the business end on the firing line.

How popular is this calibre in the US??

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The 284 is gaining ground in the US in F-Class, 1000 yd BR, and long range prone. The accomplishments of Jerry Tierney in 1000 yd BR and LR prone as well as the record set by Charles Ballard in F-Class Open (200-13X) the same weekend that Mid-Tompkins' Sr. record for 1000 yd prone iron sights was broken at Camp Butner with the 284 Shehane (200-14X) has shown many that the 7mm has arrived. One of the main reasons for this progress is that there are several fine 7mm bullets available.

Jim Hardy
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I just went through the search for dies myself and I ended up with a Redding sizing die that Bill Shehane special orders from Redding and a Wilson In-line Seater that my gunsmith made by running my chambering reamer into a die made for the straight 284 Win. The die Bill sells is for the 6.5X284 Shehane and you have to ream out the little bit of neck under the bushing. I think my gunsmith used a carbide reamer because the seating die is hardened. The Wilson die body is not hardened. I had also bought a 6.5X284 seater die and was going to enlarge the stem to 7mm, but my gunsmith said it was easier to start with the 284 Wilson die and open up the body with the chambering reamer. I bought my own reamer from PTG using Bill Shehane's dimensions. Bill special-orders the dies from Redding in batches and it can take months to get one if he is out when you call.
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Thanks, you've addressed what was going to be my next question
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