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I'm seriously contemplating building one of these. Currently I shoot 7 Rem Mag (hunting only), .284 Win (F-class only) & 7x57 Improved Wildcat (hunting & F-class).

We have serious challenges in our country with barrel replacements, therefore barrel life is a real issue to consider.

I would appreciate views on the 7mm-08 useful (sub MOA) barrel life. I'm looking at minimum 4000 shots, mostly hunting, group shooting here & there, stainless barrel, no excessive overheating.

Is that possible?

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I don't have an answer for your question but would like to know what barrel life you get on your .284 F-Class rifle?
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Right now I'm sitting at 762 shots through a 29" Bartlein 9.5 twist, load right from the beginning was 2950fps, 168gr Berger, all moly coated.

Rifle was exclusively used for competition, remember, we shoot shoulder on here in Namibia, I believe in the US you shoot string, which is a bit harder on a barrel.

To answer your question, I had a thorough look at it over the weekend, it has taken a severe hammering already, one of the lands has been substantially burned away, the others are so so, but 2000 shots will be a real challenge! I am more of the opinion I would be lucky to get 1500.

Rifle has been cleaned every 70 to 100 shots with Moly, lately with Boretech Eliminator. No brushes, only patches.

This has been my first .284, no issues with it other than barrel life, shoot great, very accurate, easy to get good velocity, but I'm hard press to believe all the claims of excellent barrel life, this one will go as soon as most 6.5's!
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Under the conditions you describe, I'll say that a 7mm08 would last a lifetime (4000 shots is a LOT of shooting - especially in a rig used mostly for hunting!)

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Right now my 1000 yard prone rifle is in 7mm-08, I haven't shot out the first barrel yet. But I'm quessing that at least 3000 rounds for an accurate barrel life is to be expected, of course with the proper cleaning tecnique.

Af far as barrell over heating, after firing a 20 shot string for score and with 8 sighters before that, my barrel was slightly warmer to the touch.
That string was fired at Camp Perry in August in about 20 minutes with an air temp around 75 degress F
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I shoot a lot. I have been keeping my barrel records for many years.

My guess is the 7-08 will go a little less than the 308 other things being equal.

See my recent post under the thread "barrel life on a 6.5-06?"

If you want more e mail me and I will send you my summary.

I suspect if you are using a chemical with moly you may not be getting the results you expect. Moly bullets are a love hate issue. I shoot moly! I get good results. But I am very careful.

A few years ago I got a 6 PPC Panda Bench Rest Rifle, (Jim Boden Gunsmith.) The directions were to shoot 68 gr moly bullets and clean only with JB Bore Paste and Koil.

I read the directions and followed them exactly. I have a Hawkeye bore scope. Using the directions and the bore scope I learned how to clean the bore. I get good precision and good barrel life.

I suspect the majority of the problems shooters have with moly come from not understanding what is going on in the barrel and not following the correct directions.

I found if I used any kind of chemical cleaner in a barrel shooting moly precison became a problem and it usually took a lot of work to get the barrel back right.

Moly is a good lubication. It does help the bullet enter and transit the barrel.


Moly will get you a few more rounds out of the barrel. AND it will let you shoot longer shot strings with out cleaning. BUT you need to clean the barrel when you finish shooting. Do not wait till the next day. At least use an undersized bore snake with Koil. Strange things some times are reported to happen to uncleaned barrels shooting moly.
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Some good points to consider from all the replies, thanks. If only I can get 3500 ACCURATE shots from it, I'll be happy, that will take a while in any case.What kind of speed can I get on the 168gr Bergers? Barrel will be 1 in 8 twist, 28" long??
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I've had 2 Hart barreled 708's, used for shooting across the course. I got 3000 rds of sub moa accuracy out of both. Hope this helps.

John Skowron
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