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Looking to re-barrel my yellow 243 Ackley 1000 yard light gun to 6x47 Lupua. Gun of the week 24 her at With the 600 yard game in mind. Plans are 29 inch Lilja 3 groove or Bartlein for barrel choice. I always had great luck with the Lilja’s 3 grooves chambered in 243 Ackley. Lilja or Bartlein who ever can get me the barrel the fastest will be my choice.
I am new to the 6x47 Lupua. I plan to get a chamber reamer from Dave Kiff at Pacific Tool. Reamer will be ground with .271 neck. I want to stick with the .271 neck due to all my 243 Ackley barrels are .271Nk and I can use the same neck turner with minor modifications and same neck bushings. As for bullets, reamer will be ground to shoot only 105 to 107gr match bullets. Over the years I had great luck with the 106gr Clinch Rivers and old Jimmy Knox made JLK’s 105’s out of my 243 Ackleys. As the game goes which ever bullets shoot better will be my choice ie. Bergers, Lupua’s, Clinch Rivers or JLK’s
Which powders would be top choice to start with the above barrel and bullet combo? I plan on using the Federal 205 for primer’s and Lupua 6.5x47 brass necked down to 6mm. Any feedback would be appreciated.
Good Shooting,
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39.5gr H4350 behind a B105VLD seated into the lands nets me ~3080fps from a 28" Lilja 3-groove 1-8" tw barrel. It is throated a little short (to accomodate 75-87gr varmint bullets also); the guy who chambered mine built a couple for him and his brother to shoot F-Class with; they both hit the upper end of 3100s with 41+gr H4350. Preferred primer for me is CCI450 because they have a harder cup - kind of a bonus with these high-pressure cases. Haven't used the 205Ms myself, as they have a reputation for being a bit soft and showing pressure early.


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Funny - I look at the posting above and all I see is talk about velocity, nothing on accuracy or consistency? Are these forgotten virtues of a good load?

Sometimes when I read the forum postings I think the forum should be re-named "Velocity Central"

Robert Whitley
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Generally I don't post load info unless it was one I considered to be accurate enough to be worthwhile. What a given load nets out of any particular rifle (velocity or accuracy) has enough variables that me saying its a 'quarter-minute' load would be just as suspect.

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I shoot 108 bergers out of mine .008 off the rifling with 40.0 grs of RL-17 being the best powder for this particular rifle with the Russian primers.. It shoots very well for me..... Seems like the velocity was around 3000fps when I worked that load..
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39 RL-17 with 107 smk and russian SRM's. very sub MOA.
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I've always liked Viht N160 in my 6x47s with anything from 105 to 115gr. bullets. Did play just briefly with RL17, but went back to N160.
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rcw3, but isnt it velocity that wins all the time?
I load mine to about 3050fps which is the sweet spot in my 27" Lilja. I use around 39gns of H4350 (or ADI AR2209), behind 103gn Copperhead projectiles, .010" into the lands. testing showed this is what works in mine.
Now to answer rcw3. I think the 6x47 can make a pretty good 600yd cartridge, but that a 6BR or 6 Dasher might be better at 1000yds. Confused?
Myself and a few high scoring shooters who have had 6x47s seem to think they are not qite as accurate as a 6BR or 6 Dasher, more specificaly, wider ES, just guessing that the smaller primers doesnt work as well with the longer powder column??. I have got some good scores with my 6x47 out to 800yds, but verticle started to become a major problem at 900-1000yds. The good shooters I have seen with 6BRs and 6 dashers, were able to keep good verticle out to 1000yds. maybe this is why the 6x47 hasnt exactly set the world on fire for 1000yd shooting.
On the other hand, if you are not a real wind guru and gun tuning guru, then a 6x47 will be a tad better in the wind, and the verticle groups might not be enough to worry most shooters.

My new box of 6BR cases just arrived today.
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