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Item for Sale:

Anschutz Model 54.18 MS R barreled action, right hand.
Condition: Factory new, never chambered a round, never pulled the trigger. I am the sole owner of this rifle.
Year: Manufactured 2008, Imported by Neal Stepp at ISS in Texas.

Included: Manual with factory 50m test target, 5-round Box Magazine (1420-U5), Anschutz factory sticker, All plastic
bags for components, Anschutz tools (2 hex wrenches and a screw driver), original styrofoam shipping case inside original shipping box.

For those of you not familiar: this rifle is built on the Anschutz 54 Match action. It uses the two-stage, 3.5-ounce 5018 trigger group (very arguably the best triggers in the world). Barrel length is 57cm (22.4"). Truly an amazing piece of equipment.This rifle was discontinued from further production by Anschutz at the end of June. Shame, I'd like to keep it, but plans are made to change.

Ladies and gentlemen, there is no way to get a better condition Anschutz. You'd have to steal it from the factory before test firing.

I'm not trying to gouge. The price is what I payed. $1,525 US via US Postal Money order + shipping fees to all US states.

As for character references, I am an Indiana NRA Highpower shooter (Service), and a Moderator on the Sniper Central forums, username: natdscott.

Please email interest and/or inquiries or photo requests to:

Be aware, this rifle is listed elsewhere, and is for sale locally.

-Nathan Scott

Edited to reflect all Californians right to own the very best in silo rifles.
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What BS. You arrive with zero posts to hock your item, and spout simple-minded drivel about not selling to California buyers, who have no more trouble purchasing such an item than any other state in the USA. It's called ship to an FFL, chum. Get with the program, and get a clue.
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The terd in the bowl goes round and round.....

Whatever dude, I'm going surfing.
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I am so pleased that two users on these forums have such positive and knowledgeable comments.

If you would like to educate me as to the realities of shipping into California, I sincerely welcome the edification. That said, personal attacks from the oh-so-bold under the cloak of anonymity provided by the internet do not concern me.

You have a wonderful day, gentlemen...stay outta the coral.

-Nathan Scott
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Shipping a long arm to CA is no different than any other state. Handguns are a different story
I was gonna go surfing, but half the county is on fire!
Oh well no hurricanes anyway
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I appreciate your reply, and will edit the post to reflect a change in policy regarding California shipping.

If I were there, I'd be looking for a marshmallow truck. AND...a helicopter. Seriously though, good luck out there, and stay safe.

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Thanks for doing the right thing by your brethren in Commifornia.

Heck! Now I might have to buy this gun. Email sent...

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This is SAD to say the least, he is trying to sell an item and give his thoughts .
If you would like to send him a note then PM him.

Its pretty childish to be so worked up over a post. remember the first time you went to a site for a sale or help.
YAH thought so

these are a very nice .22 arguably one of the best
Good luck with the sale
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