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I am thinking about rechambering my XR100 in 223 to the AI version.

What are peoples thoughts on the 223AI. From what I have read people that have them are very happy with the results!

With a 40g, can it be up there with a 22-250 like Ive heard?

The extra case work does not worry me, nor the dies.

I know what the thoughts are on rechambering a factory barrel... but what do you honestly think....a definite NO!

I would like some reloading data with 40 and 50 grain projectiles if possible.

Thanks to you all!
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My main problem was to get a full magazine of shells to feed properly from the Rem 700 I re-chambered.
If I put 3+1 fine but if I put any more in it would hang up and stuff around.

I found that if I could get 3400 with a 50 grain slug with a standard 223 I could do the saame with the 223 AI with a 60 grain slug.
And that was what I was planning to do- 3400 with the hornady 60 HP for roo culling and similar. AFAIR I had a 1:9 twist

I had mine may years ago and the memory is a bit fuzzy.
Would I build another one- yes but this time I would get a proper FLS die instead of bodging one up using the reamer.
other than that I used a neck sizer.

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I have a Cooper M21 Montana Varminter in .223 AI. This gun shoots! It has a 14" twist with a 24" barrel. I stick primarily with 50 gr. bullets, Hornady VMax or Sierra BlitzKing. I have loaded these hot at around 3600 fps with good accuracy but I feel for the good of barrel life it's better to load down a little. Figure 150-200 fps increase in velocity over the .223, my cases show an increase in volume of approx. 12% over a .223. Right now my load is 26 gr. VV N133 with a 50 gr. VMAX. Avg. Velocity 3400 fps. Groups always average under 1/2"
As far as rechambering a factory barrel, I think you have to be the ultimate judge on the value of this. I was lucky, Cooper chambers for most of the AI cartridges and uses match grade barrels. In my rifle, accuracy was almost as good while I was fireforming cases.

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Hi AI if you are looking of more go from the 223 i have 200 RWS 5.6x50 cases + dies if you can find someone with a reamer. Also on a rechamber get the barrel shortened by 1 thread and it will clean up verry well you will have more sting and the same bolt face. Also for info the XR100's are single shots so there in no issue with feeding as a previous post sain i know you know just clarifieng it for him.

Cheers Bill
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I have 2 rifles in 223 AI. I love this case. I run a 50 Blitzking at 3650 and have been using the same brass for 4 years. First rifle is a rechambered factory VLS. It shot 3/8th when the chamber was new and has 3400 rounds through it now and is shooting 3/4". Time for a new one. My second rifle is an XP 100 completely BR prepped, bolt sleeved and bushed, threads recut, action faces, lugs cut, you know, the whole deal, then a take off Hart 14 twist barrel was put on and chambered, it will cut groups in the .1" range. Have not shot a group over 3/4" with it EVER. I am using VV133 in both rifles along with IMI brass.


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I get 4000 fps with Noslers 40 grain Ballistic Tip. 1/2 moa range accuracy. Once on a calm day (very calm) I tried a group at the 500 yd freshly painted plate and was amazed to find a group in the 2 1/2 inch range. Jackrabbit sized critters look like they jumped on a handgrenade. Crows are just a mist of feathers. I built my gun on a Savage and it feeds like a champ.
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