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These are a set of rings and bases designed by Hubie Hakes of Linden PA. They offer a front and rear tapered base, and spherical ball aluminum inserts. With this set up you are able to adjust the rings up and down the ramp style bases. While the aluminum inserts allow the scope the continue to be in a 100% stress free perfect alignment. This is great for the long range hunter and varminter as well as the 1000 yard shooters. You can dial your cross hairs to the bottom of the scope, and adjust up and down the bases to get on at 100 yards. Then use all of your internal adjustments. With a .338-.378 and a 300g SMK traveling at 3100 and a 100 yard zero, with my scope set at 5 moa off the bottom I have enough internal clicks to go out to 2000 yards plus. Some of those who shoot at Willimsport have probably seen these rings. If there is enough interest these may become available to the public.

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Are these aviable for 30mm scopes? What do they run and delivery time?
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I am making up a some what brochure for these, which will give a full desription with pics. Once I get it all together I will make sure I post it on here. They will be available for 1" or 30mm tubes. Bases will be mainly for Remington and custom actions. Price range will probably be in the $225-$250 range. I know the price may sem a little steep but believe me this is the best set of rings you will ever buy. The craftsman ship is 2nd to none, and no one else has anything of this sort. Thanks for all that have posted or e-mailed. So far it looks like I might have enough interest to produce these as long as the cost doesn't shy everyone away. CNC and EDM time is very expensive. Thanks again.

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