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Like the others, I can attest to how accurate these small Sako rifles are. I recently acquired a Sako L-46 in .218 Bee and this is one accurate rifle! I would never have this rifle altered unless I would have no other choice. Here is another possible alternative to re-barreling your Sako. There are folks out there who will do custom reloading for calibers, such as your .222 Rem. Magnum. The brass is still available from Remington, so your rifle is still viable in this regard. One gentleman, that I know, is Ted Bates. He runs Ted's Reloading Service and he can be contacted at 260-489-4372, and he is located in Fort Wayne, IN. and does very good work for custom reloading. I hope this information will help you with your Sako.

Bob Blaine
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After reading the responses I have had a change of heart. I have brass that can be reloaded when I have time. Until then, I will leave the rifle in its original condition. I will teach the girls using a 22-250. I appreciate all the responses and suggestions.

I will also continue to visit and recommend this site with the occassional post.

Have a GREAT day!
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You indeed have a rare find! I have a Wichester Model 43 in a .218 Bee and have been looking for an upgraded rifle, like the Sako, in this caliber. It would be nice if some manufacturer would re-chamber this fine little cartridge in a small actioned varminter. Savage and CZ are two manufacturers that come to mind.
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Hello Chino,

I lucked into this rifle! One of my friends called me all out of breath one day, and asked me if I would be interested in buying this rifle. You can about imagine how fast I answered in the affirmative! When I heard who wanted to sell the gun, I could not believe my luck. It was from none other than one of our most esteemed reloading experts, Ken Waters! I called Mr. Waters, and we agreed to the price, and as they say, the rest is history. This is one of the two rifles that Ken used to develop the data for the Bee for his book "Pet Loads". The rifle is proving to just as accurate for me as it had been for him.

One thing to help you in finding a nice bolt action Bee is to see if you might be able to find one of the Kimbers that were chambered for the Bee for a short time. Another good one to consider would be one of the nice rifles from Cooper since they offer either the Bee, or the Mashburn Bee.

Bob Blaine
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If I were in your shoes I would have jumped on that deal as well. I've tried Ken's most accurate load in his .218 Bee data but it did not perform in my Win. Model 43. Ironically, my best and most accurate load is 13.8 gr. IMR 4198 with the factory 45 grn. Winchester H.P. at the recommended O.A.L. (1.680?). I don't have my notes in front of me so I am going by memory. My .218 is used as a walk around varminter for chucks in Southeastern Pa. and has been in my family since I was twelve years old. My first woodchuck was taken with that rifle many years ago. Several years ago, I stripped the stock and put on a traditional English oil finish (Clive C. Lemon). A friend of mine does excellent checkering work so I had him checker the stock using an archived picture of the Winchester Deluxe Model 43. I bedded the action and stoned the trigger and it is a real beauty.
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