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Looking for information about the AI version of the 708. Considering some rationalisation in my gun cabinet and wanting to give a bit more ommph to a 708...

I see that Jarrett rifles list the 708 AI as one of their pet calibres with Nosler BT 140g @ 3050fps and 120BT @ 3150, which sounds comparitive with a 280 Rem and not far behind the AI version of that. (Through a 20" barrel and a short action)

I am considering building a custom hunting rifle on the Barnard SM repeater action and HS mag, and looking for 308 style case options with a bit of kick..because you can't run the 06 length cases through the mag option...

Has anyone got personal experience with the round, has the performance been comparitive with Jarrett's? What were the accuracy results and loads etc, and how about feeding from mags....any issues...

Any help would be appreciated....thanks
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I guess it depends on what you are wanting to shoot, but my plain 708 shoots 120gr Sierras at 3120fps out of an 18" Model 7. I suspect with heavier bullets, the AI version will help some, but I would not think it would be worth the extra time. If it has to be a SA, I am getting just over 3200fps with my Model 7 7 SAUM shooting 145 gr Sierra Grand Slams.
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3120 is fast in a carbine, what powder/load if you can?
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Sammy, I have owned 2 7-08AI rifles, one of which was built by Kenny Jarrett, and the other rifle built by Bear Arms of the same town as Jarrett. Both were very accurate but the problem was the fact that both preferred loads that were hot in order to get the accuracy. I would fire-form the brass and then one more firing and the primer pockets were so loose that the brass had to be discarded. The increase in velocity was only 100 FPS over the standard 7-08. In my opinion, it just wasn't worth the extra trouble. Like I said, this is my opinion. Good luck.
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I guess that my intention is to shoot a 140 grain Accubond out of the rifle. I have a 7WSM currently running 162 AMAXs at 3050 out of a Nesika Actioned 26 inch barrel and I would be trying to duplicate that sort of speed with the lighter bullet in the 708 AI.

The 7WSM is a big rifle, and carting it up our steep hills is a bit of a chore, and I would use the 708 AI for low country bush hunting as well, being lighter and handier. I realise the long range performance is going to be reduced, but it could be a good compromise.

Thanks for the responses.....but a further question....if I use the custom action Barnard (which is really strong) and good quality brass (necked down Lapua 308) or I going to get some more reliability in brass longeviety.....?

Also how about mag feeding?

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Sorry don't know about the loads in those Jarrett rifles...
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It is either 45 or 45.5gr IMR 4320. It is a hot load, but it shoots this load better than anything else. We went through five or six powders trying to get something to break an inch with the 120s. The rifle really seemed to like the 139 gr Hornady, but my dad did not want to shoot that weight bullet.
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Do you know what brass he is using and what sort of action....??

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